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Update w/ Labs - Test Level 1900, Think I Am Doing It Wrong

I have been on TRT since August of last year. The doctor I see is a little hard to understand and does not really seem to listen to me but, I can’t seem to locate anyone else south of Chicago who will be any better. I started out taking what I thought was .5ml of Test cypionate IM twice per week on Saturday and Wednesday. The doctor cut this dose to .37ml twice per week after three weeks and I stayed on that dose for almost two months. My blood test during my visit back in October was Test 1080 and Estrogen 38. I told the Doctor I wanted Anastrozle for my estrogen and she would not give it to me, instead she gave me DIM-Evail. She asked how I felt and I told her I felt better when I was taking the .5ml twice per week so she said I could go back to that dose. I have been taking the .5ml twice per week since. My levels at my appointment last week were through the roof. My test level was 1900 (1920 to be more exact I think) and my estrogen was 80. The doctor told me she could no longer prescribe me any test because I had two test over 800 and that was the threshold for insurance. So now I have to take an entire month off and go for another blood test.

The bottles of test I have read that they are 200ml per 1mg. When I say I am taking .5ml I am filling the syringe with .50ml of the test. Someone recently told me that because the dose is actually 200ml per 1mg that I am getting 100ml per shot (even though it is only .5ml of liquid), or 200ml total per week? Is that correct? Maybe it is and that would explain the super high number?

My question is, since my test level is so high and my estrogen level is so high should I take some anastrozle (my friend has a few tabs) to try to get the most out of the rest of the month taking no test injections? Could I take 1/4 pill twice per week for two or three weeks then take nothing the week of the next blood test? Would that allow enough time for everything to return to normal?

This same doctor I see runs two offices, one is a medical office where I have been seeing her and the other is an anti-aging clinic which is cash only. At my next visit I am going to start seeing her in the clinic and paying cash, by doing this she says she will give me test to keep my level at 1000 (not the 800 limited by the insurance companies), hcg (which should mean I need less test right?), and anastrozle. In the medical office she can only give test. The visits will cost me $170 though rather than my $30 copay like the medical office. I am assuming it will be worth it to get on the proper combination of test, hcg, and anasrtozle?

You sure it doesnt say 200mg/ml? That is my guess. Anyway, at 0.5 ml, you are getting 100 mg of Test. So 2x/week equals 200 mg/week.

Your estrogen should be around 22-25. You are probably experiencing some estrogen related sides at that level. Any nipple tenderness or acne?

You are taking double the normal dose at 200mg/wk. Hence… high levels of E2. You need to drop it down so your trough number is in the lab ranges. This will take some experimenting with the dose but you could start off with more like 120mg/wk and retest.

Your E2 was very high, typical range is <43 pg/ml

High E2 increases SHBG and SHBG+T increases which inflates TT.

With 200mg/week and decent E2, TT=1600 would be expected.

Your dose is simply too high.

Did you study the stickies I provided Oct 16th?
What you should do is there and tips on finding a TRT doc.

You can get anastrozole as a research chem, google it.

I have read through the stickies and I actually printed some of them and took them to the doctor with me. I also looked in there for help finding a new doctor in my area with no success. Maybe it is just that I am not that good at navigating through all the links?

It has been seven days now since I have had an injection. I managed to get some arimidex 1mg tablets from a friend. I cut one into 1/4 and took one on thursday. I was going to take 1/4 E3D for a week or two to try and lower my E2 while my T levels come down. Is this a good idea?
Since the Dr told me no more injections until my next appointment 2/24/17 should I just avoid the arimidex as well?
How quickly do you think my T level will come down from 1900?
I already feel off and have issues with ED that I have never had before even when my E2 levels were 40 and 80?
I am sorry if all these answers are out there somewhere, I read posts and articles on this sight weekly to try and educate myself. I just don’t believe I have found any specific answers to the questions I have.

No wonder! 100 mg per week will you have you in normal range, not 200 mg! 100 mg is in 0.5 ml. And you’re taking this twice per week.

Yeah I really messed that up! If my E levels had been lower it probably would have been a great cycle.lol

Your T levels will come down quickly when you switch to the new protocol. Long acting test esters half life is only a week.

As T levels fall to the floor, land on 0.5mg anastrozole per week.

What is he trying to prove?

Update with Labs -

After my blood test results in February were back down to 360 total T the Doctor put me on the following.

I have been taking .5ml TCyp x 2 week (100mg week total taken wed & Sat) and .25mg Anastrozle x 2 week (at time of injection) since late February. During mid April I was feeling “off” so I increased my dose for two weeks to .6ml x 2 week (120ml week). This seemed to help me feel better. Then I went back to the .5ml for a couple of weeks before my blood test.
My blood test results from last week (taken Saturday 5/13 AM before my injection & Anastrozle) are:

Total T = 806
Free T = 134
Estradiol = 23
Vit D = 45.7
PSA = 1.486
Sodium = 140
Potassium = 4.2
Chloride = 104
Glucose = 79
BUN = 25
Creatinine = 1.2
Calcium = 9.5
Protein = 6.9
Albumin = 4.2
Bilirubin = 0.7
WBC = 4.8
RBC = 5.31
HGB = 16.4
HCT = 48.8

These numbers look pretty good right? Unfortunately I still don’t feel “right”? My sex drive and erection firmness has been better at other times?
I want to bring my T level up to 1,000-1,200 so I am increasing the injections from .5 x 2 week (100ml wk) to .6 x 2 week (120ml week). Do you think that is sufficient? Do you think I will need to increase my Anastrozle slightly? If so it sounds like I will have to start turning it into liquid like I have seen suggested before to get odd sized doses.

I’d stick with your current anastrozole dose and see how you feel. For a lot of guys your E2 looks perfect but I have joint pain/popping at 20, I feel better and have better erections with E2 around 30 with my test towards the top of the range.

mg. it’s milligrams per milliliter. Did you switch to 100mg/ml test cyp?

Protein is a bit low for your T status, are you getting enough proteins? A constant hunger could be just that and then whey shakes would help.

You really are injecting 100mg/ml T? Get 200mg/ml T.

When TRT does not work, a common cause is low thyroid function and that in turn is most often caused by not using iodized salt.

Evaluate your overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. Thyroid hormone fT3 is what gets the job done and it regulates mitochondrial activity, the source of ATP which is the universal currency of cellular energy. This is part of the body’s temperature control loop. This can get messed up if you are iodine deficient. In many countries, you need to be using iodized salt. Other countries add iodine to dairy or bread.

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I have the 200mg/ml test cyp. I take .25ml liquid in the syringe (which is .5ml of T correct?) x 2 week. That is a total of 100mg per week correct? Sorry, I feel so stupid when I type this stuff.
I eat what I would consider a high protein diet? I try to consume more than 1 gm of protein per lb of bodyweight per day at a minimum. I am 173 lbs. with very low (10-14%?) bodyfat. During the week I eat seven meals a day with at least 20gm of protein each. I will look at adding some more protein if you think it will help. I do work out four or five days a week and am always trying to gain muscle so it can’t hurt.
Do you guys think the increase from 100mg to 120mg will raise my level 200-300 points?

I had my wife take her temps using your information for her thyroid issues but, never checked my own. I will do that. She is always cold but, I am almost always hot so I assumed it was ok?

Thanks for all the help!

Your wife has low body temperatures. You did not address the issue of using iodize salt that I can see. Iodine deficiency often affects everyone in a home. Women need more iodine than men, it is stored in breast tissue for breast feeding. Lack of iodine can lead to fibrotic breast disease. Iodine is thought to have many roles and few are understood.

Protein intake seems exceptionally good, so we can set that aside. Blood donations?

Your feeling “off” can easily be thyroid. Get those temperatures and hopefully I find this thread again.

Just take the full 1mg ananastrozole pill once a week and you will be fine on anything. Why do people cut ananastrozole?