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Update: Trying Out for Football


Trained my ass off, never really got around to working with the miscellaneous coaches that I had contact, but I did work with some guys on the track team which helped my forty time. Mind you this was only a month or two before the actual tryouts.

I went in there with NO idea of what to expect... I felt freakin lost...

We stretched and did some warmups, they were watching us closely to see our flexibility... The coaches already gave us nicknames (I was JT, because I apparently look like JT Toliver).

We then went to run our forties...I never got to break in my cleats, but I still ran a 4.56 on my second try (first time was a 4.8, and I KNOW that was wrong) I think I was overstriding even on my second run but I was quite satisfied with it, considering I only started sprinting a few weeks b4 tryouts. My mechanics felt funny, like i was trying too hard, to put 1 foot in front of the other, but I'm not complaining better than running a 5.

We jogged over to the bags, which I've never run around bags and shit before, thats harder than I gave it credit for... I got the gist of it on our second run (basically just stay REALLY low and lean over your toes, but don't bend your hips). I did pretty well till the guy in front of me kicked one of the bags directly into my way and I stumbled a bit. That threw me off ever since, cause I was watching him more than focusing on just burning through the course.

I did fairly well but I obviously wasn't the best...

Where I did excel was the cone drills, cause I actually have done those before, never with cleats though so it was interesting. But my backpedal technique is apparently horrible and I had to make adjustments, which I did and performed fairly well... my lateral speed and forward sprinting was great, as well as my carioca cause I'm definitely flexible (Hooray for OH squats and gymnastics haha). They liked that I could keep a large percentage of my speed even when I had to make the corners...

We ran some drills with the coaches and thats where I sucked... I wasn't used to the things they were calling out. Post, curl, inside foot out...wtf. Just tell me run over there or hit so and so... anyway I have a lot to learn there. They coach was like, jeez where have you played football before didn't they teach you anything. I informed him that I've never actually played organized football and he then paused and explained what he meant and I subsequently performed well, just took too much time.

I did make the spring practice team (Barely), but I told the coaches afterwards that I had a problem...

I was in SO MUCH PAIN everytime I hit top speed... They said I have a physical after spring break to find out what it is specifically and if I can practice with the team.

The pain is along my shins and my ankles... They thought it might be shin splints but I informed them that I had only been running 2-3x a week for about 4-5 weeks. (total of at the most 15 running sessions, and never over 35minutes)

I told them that I've had stress fractures before, but that was in high school so if anything they should be healed...someone made a joke about it being arthritis in my ankles

and I've yet to see the doctor but unfortunately I think that may be the cause of it.

I'm going to start taking superb care of my joints and what not, and try out next year if they don't allow me to play.

I'm 5'9 3/4...183lbs... most of the corners and free safeties at the school are 5'10, 190... I'm not that far off from there size. The guy who's spot I'm trying to take (basically) is 5'8, 180.

With broken in shoes and a lot more sprinting mechanics and practice with just moving in general I believe I'm as fast (if not faster) than they are and I know I'm stronger.

I believe I have a fair chance at playing on the actual TEAM not just the spring team.

But hopefully my body doesn't betray me first :-/

If I do get to practice with the team in spring, I have 15 practices to hit enough goddamn people to make my way onto the main roster.

If I'm healthy... I'm positive I can do that.

If not... MMA and Powerlifting


"I did make the spring practice team (Barely)"

Congrats!! Barely or not, you're on the team!! That's what matters. Chicks only care that you're on the team!!


Good stuff. I'm glad to see that you decided to go ahead and try out for the team. Even if something happens with the physical and you're not able to practice, you will definitely value the experience. Keep us posted.



you have no idea lol


Good job man! Just an fyi...the pain really starts after full contact practice starts:)


If you aren't used to it, the stop/start nature of football can really be hard on your shins and ankles. I know many footballers that regularly ice their shins after practice and their games.

Anyway, congrats on making the team. Do yourself a favour, though and go and see someone about the pain. I would also shoot MR and EC a post and see what they say. Don't put this off like you put seeing the coaches off. Do this, and see what you can do with some proper preparation.

Don't let this turn into a "I made the team, but couldn't be assed to do it properly" thread.


Nice man. Good to see that you went ahead with it. You sound like you did well considering you had no experience with playin football. Get those ankles checked out and keep going with it; who knows where you'll end up.

Its definitely going to get a lot more intense, though.

But, like OS said, you're on the team, thats what the chicks care bout. Heheh.

And keep us updated, pretty interesting to see someone doin this.


What level are you trying to play at, and how old are you? Any advice I could give you really hinges on the answers to those questions.

A 4.56 40 is stellar unless you're trying to play CB at the DI-A level.


I guess you missed his first thread - he is trying out for a little school called University of Southern California. :wink:


Oh...well good luck then! You'll need it with no previous football experience. You seem to have good raw athleticism, so who knows, you may be the next Antonio Gates. Hell, even making the practice squad and going along for the ride would be an accomplishment given the quality of their recruiting classes.


Really. Nothing like getting your clock cleaned in your first practice...."Shit, where'd that guard come from"....


Good work man. I've been reading your posts regarding this. Making the team at SC is quite the accomplishment, even if it is the Spring team for now. Keep working hard, learn and watch the veterans out there. Listen to those coaches, and always ask questions if you aren't sure of something. I am a fellow college football player, so if you ever need any advice w/ anything, feel free to PM me. Good luck and take care of those shins/ankles.


Keep your head on a swivel. I can't emphasize that enough. Good luck and congrats on making the spring team!


Congrats man....live the dream!


Keep up the hard work. It can payoff in many rewarding ways. Even if you never touch the field during prime time(who says you can't!) you'll still be an inspiration among you peers and T-Nation peers and learn so much about so much.

Great job on that 40 time! Are you a good long sprinter? Ever done any 100,200,400 work? With the right coaching and training you could have a blast running track also.


Nice Job! Have you been in pads with contact yet?

I can't believe you didn't know post, curl, etc....that's funny shit!


rock n roll!

if you don't make it this year, you know how to train for the next.

good luck


Congrats. Just don't get laid out by Brandon Hancock. (ie physique and performance photos). Is he really that intimidating in real life?


I have to say how impressed I am. It's definitly a tribute to how far proper training can go in developing you as an athlete!


dude...i walked the opposite direction lol