my last post i said how the dr, found protein in my urine, i got all worried and thinking i was on my death bed, but, i talked to the nurse practioner, and she said even though there is protein in your urine, your kidney function test came back normal. now, i also stated that i was a diabetic, and the two things that cause kidney disease is uncontrolled blood sugars and high blood pressure.luckily, my blood sugars are near normal levels. when she took my blood pressure it was 150/105, but i told her that its because i get nervous, thats why it was high, so she waited and took it again, this time it was 140/80, so i beleive that its most likely even lower than that, but she put me on a very small dose of an ace inhibitor, to lower the blood pressure a bit and protect the kidneys., so hopefully everyhing is ok. thanx.