Update: T-Jack Reports

We’ve gotten a ton a cool stuff for you bad boys and naughty girls to review. Can’t wait to get started, but we’ll probably have to until the new graphics are in place.

I saw some preliminary designs and they were jaw dropping! Some very cool new features will be coming along with the new T-Nation site design. Stay tuned!

For those who missed the previous threads and the news blurbs, the T-Jack Reports are a sort of interactive <a href=“Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION”>Stuff We Like written by T-Nation readers. We send you cool training gadgets, books and videos, you write a well thought-out review here on the forum in a special section, and of course, you KEEP what you review. Try It - Review It - Keep It!

Here’s a partial list of what we have ready for you to review:

The Swag

Xvests weight vests

Heavy Grips grippers

Power Rings

FatTrack Gold bodyfat calipers


The Black Book of Training Secrets by Christian Thibaudeau

Accu-measure bodyfat calipers

BOA 2000 speed ropes

AccuFitness MyoTapes

The Book of Muscle by Ian King and Lou Schuler

Hydryx workout towels

Experiments v. Experience CD’s from Dr. Lowery

Nutrix shake mixers

No Nonsense Nutrition DVD from John Berardi

Sport Inhalers

Optimal Muscle Training interactive book and DVD by Dr. Ken Kinakin

Biotest Supplements

Training-Nutrition Manager software

Joe DeFranco’s Mastering the Football Combine Tests video

Books from DragonDoor publications

Ian King’s “Killer Leg Exercises” video

Charles Staley’s Physically Incorrect, The Ultimate Guide To Massive Arms, and the videos to his last boot camp.

Want to be a T-Jack Tester?

If you’re not already, sign up as a member of T-Nation. It’s free and this will give you the ability to post on our forum. (And of course, all your information will be kept private. No need to put in fake info. Hey, if you fake it we can’t mail you the stuff!)

You can sign up by clicking on the “Join the Nation” banner at T-mag or by registering here at the forum. Just click on “Register” above. When the T-Jack section of the forum is put into place, you’ll be ready to go!

If you’re already a forum user, be sure your profile info is correct and up to date. Go to “My T-forums”, then “edit profile” to be sure. If this isn’t filled out completely, you won’t be chosen as a reviewer.

If you’re an equipment manufacturer or have a book or video available and would like to get involved, drop us a note at cs@t-mag.com.


Shug, are you talking about a T-Mag website redesign before the T-Jack forums launch?

I’m already registered as a T-Nation member. I’d like to review products as well. Thank you.

Like everyone else here, can’t wait to see t-jack get goin.

Ready to go here!

PGA200X: Yes, that’s correct. Our graphics department has been putting together a new site re-design and interface for a while now. Hopefully it will launch soon. It should rocketh mighty hard.

I shall continue to dream of power rings until the forum is up…

(Then cry if I never get a chance to test them)

This is so cool. I can’t wait!

I hope y’all keep the black background.

send me one of each please

just kidding

i like free stuff

Hey Fat Panda, I’m sure they would allow you to purchase the rings! :wink:

Nah Rick Jakubowski,

I have a “tragic” story of why I can’t afford to purchase a set of Power Rings now:

I just received acceptance from Seoul Women’s University to attend there for a month. For most of the time, I stay at the same dorms as the on-campus girls. For the other time, one of the girls will take me to her place for homestay. I still had to pay for flight (and “emergency chick funds” that could reach to the thousands), which would subtract from my toy fund, but I weighed the pros and cons (for two seconds), and decided that being an international pervert was the better choice.

So, even despite making the better choice of attending a Korean women’s university for a month, if I have the opportunity to somehow get both, I will have continuous blind hope that I can get the other choice free :wink:


Fat Panda,
That is tragic! Seems like the rings would be a toy I would find a use for while spending time with a bunch of hot asian chicks. Hey Chris hook the man up I want to read that review.

Let’s see "Dear T-Jack forum, I was cramming for my exam in International Studies, when the hot twins from down the hall came over to try out my Power Rings…

Im trying to build up my push up power as we speak so getting to try an Xvest would be mighty nice.

Definitley looking forward to this. Not only to grub some free shit but also to hear the feedback on some of these products.

Honestly, this giving away of free shit can’t last too long. Eventually you’re going to run out of stuff to give away.


Sounds like some kuel poo. Where do I sign?