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Update on What I've Been Doing. Feedback and Advice?


Hi everyone

For those of you who haven’t already seen or partecipated in my previous topics, I’m Samuele and I’m 17. I’ve been lifting since February 2016, although the time I have spent training (somewhat) intelligently so far amounts to much less than that.

In training log, which I’m afraid it’s a little tricky to link to from mobile (tho you’ll easily find it in my profile feed) you’ll find my stats, lifts, and pics of me (look for the most recent ones which date about 3 weeks ago—again sorry for not linking to them)

So basically I’m posting this to give you guys a little update as well as to ask for some advice on which direction to take now.

Basically for the past 7 weeks I’ve been following the waterbury method program first, and then his TBT program (I’m towards the end of the 3rd of 4 weeks) and I’ve been liking the kind of training he advocates overall.

However, although most of you have agreed that I’ve made decent progress since I’ve been training, I’m not really sure I have.

I would say that my physique probably looks somewhat decent in the pics I posted, but unless I have dysmorphia, it doesn’t quite look that way in real life (unless I’m standing with a good angle and a specific posture in front of the mirror). Plus, especially when I’m wearing clothes, I appear to look big(ish) if I look at myself in the mirror, but in pics I think I look rather skinny

Another concern of mine is not being really strong. Especially when it comes to upper body movements, it doesn’t look like I’ve put on significant strengths over the last months (but I can’t tell for sure because I was so stupid I wasn’t keeping a log)

So now I’m quite puzzled as far as what to do in the following months.

May it be that I’m not happy with my physique because I’ve got a little fat covering up my body? I know I’ve been advised against it but, how about a small cut for the summer? Just go get a mental break from trying to trying to put mass?

Maybe I should focus on strength?
What do you suggest as far as training, supplementation, etc?

Also, my diet is pretty good and I’ve been counting calories for several months.
Honestly that’s not a burden for me at all, but do you think it may be beneficial to take a break from that too and just eat good, nutritious foods in common sense quantities?

Thank you for taking your time to read this and for the advice and feedback

Lemme know


You called the cops on some1 in the gym!?! Wtf!

Also your young, have patience blah blah


Do it for 100+ weeks. Your expecting too much in next to nothing time.