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Update on Torn Hamstring

I posted about this originally about 3 mos ago when i first partially tore it so to get things up to date. I did PT for about 3 weeks and it seemed to work well I was lifting again within 2 wks and by the 4th it seemed fine.

So my PT said I could get back into jogging. Wish I would have waited a little while longer because it popped again once I did. I decided not to go back in for PT because it didn’t seem as bad this time so I just did the RICE deal and my rehab excercices.

Unfortunately about two months later I still get a sharp pain in the middle of my hamstring when I do excercises with knee and hip flexion (ie romainian deadlifts). But it doesn’t bother me if I do say stiff legged deadlifts or hamstring curls.

But to get to the point the only real thing that i havent been doin this time as opposed to the first is gettin the deep tissue release that i was getting in my PT. So im wonderin if I should try and go somewhere for that. Any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks.