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Update on T Varicoceles - It Sucks (26 YO Male)

So I’m gonna manually right this out I have ranges if needed but this is my results I’m considering trt I just started clomid a week and a half ago and my doctors saying give it a few months to level out before I give up and go on trt he also said he would like to try hcg first if clomid doesn’t work

Latest bloodwork
Total test-338 ng/dl× Lh-4.9 also last week it was 8.5miu/ml× Shbg-20.1 then 28.5nmol/l× Fsh-5.9 then 5.5miu/ml× Prolactin-14.7 then 12.3ng/ml× Estrodial 17.8 then 11.2pg/ml×

None of these are on clomid I get a 2 week blood check this coming Friday on clomid I’m on 25mg eod I feel the same so far does it even change?..am I fucked I’m 26 years old btw and had varicoceles removed 2 and a half months ago recently I’ve been told I’ll get more imaging done but I may need to get another surgery to finish off the left side… anecdotally I developed the varicoceles and these problems after fooling around with hcg 250 iu eod for like 2 to 3 weeks may have been a coincidence or I may have damaged my testicles with the hcg, also my uro seems to think hcg can’t be used as part of a restart only as trt so it’s either hcg or test indefinitely so I may to to contact defy and see if they can help with a hcg restart regimine

Hope someone has some kinda advice or anything to help me out…trt for 50 to 60 plus years bothers me my fertilitys already low due to the varicoceles 6 mil total sperm…help…

You now have multiple threads spreading info creating confusion on your case and forcing us to go on easter egg hunts, most will ignore.

I cut some b’s out I guess I was just venting should be a little straight forward now of my situation.

@KSman we’ve talked before what do you think looking at these labs I know my e2 is low like I said I may need another surgery to full take care of a persistent varicocele.