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Update on Protein Recommendation?

Hey Coach. I have a question for you about something you had written in your '09 article “4 Hot Topics From the Beast”. It’s regarding post workout nutrition without carbs.

You mention using whey protein isolate post workout along with other supplements. When I click on the ‘whey protein isolate’ highlight, it brings me to the link for Mag 10. Would the current form of Mag 10 be a good substitute for whey protein isolate in this case? Would it be well used instead of the whey hydrolysate called for in the ‘during workout’ section?

Nitpicky, I know. I have used a lot of Mag 10 in the past, and starting a CKD soon. Want to get your thoughts on using the Mag 10 instead of the whey recommendations listed.

Thanks man.


In 2009 I had to work with supplements of that generation. MAG-10 is vastly superior to whey isolate

I thought that was the case.

Thanks for the reply, bro.