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Update on nutrition


So my mum has ordered 9 kilos of protein powder. + creatine
I now have to do lots of exta chores to work this off lol!
5kilos whey orotein concentrate
4kilos casein.
1kilo creatine.

Now i need to get diet in check.
my mum has thought about buying some chickens so i can get eggs feom them.
Theres this place that sells chickens for ten dollars and they are purebred.

I was considering getting tins of tuna as is a cheap high protein source but apparently they have high levels of mercury is this true?

Also really needing a training program.
I live in a small town and the gym is stupid only has a smith machine,lat pulldown,low row,dumbelle,two benches but no decline only go on different incline levels. Leg oress machine, leg curl,leg extension,chest press machine,shouldet press machine.
I cant do deadlifts or bench press or barbell row etc or squats because i hate the smith machine as it is a fixed range of motion and you dont use stabilisers also i cant deadlift on it.

However i do do dumbell squats etc but cant use a high weight compared to the smith machine.
But the smith machine stuffs my back because of the fixed range of motion and cant position my feet like a normal squat.

So i need a program that can utilise what i have acces to but not the smith machine. I will attemptto use it if i have to.

Help with program please my goal is to build muscle and just be ripped!as in defined muscle/big .nice abbs And gain strength.
I have been working out for a few months and I do have decent amount of strentgh and little bit of muscle .
Acces to gym five days a week​:+1::+1:
Also want to be explosive (fast in things like running, good vertical and distance jump. Good balance.
So in leg day i want to include exercises to help with that as well as building muscle and strength.
So i just want a well balanceď ripped muscly physique and morestrength.
As the gym sucks i needa program to get around it.
Thanks in advance.


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