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Update on My Thyroid Numbers


I am a 5 9 male in my late twenties. I was underweight for a while (about 1-1.5 years) at only 120 pounds (too much running/cross country). Since july I have gained up to 145-150 pounds (usually weighed about 135 but needed to gain past this to try and get my health back).

Before starting the weight gain my thyroid levels were
ft4 0.9 0.7-1.4
ft3 2.1 2.0-4.4
rt3 490 200-400

My thyroid levels now are
tsh 3.14
thyroxine(t4) 5 4-12
ft4 1.24 0.7-1.4
ft3 2.2 2.0-4.4
rt3 210 90-350

Its good that my rt3 and tsh have gone down but my free t3 still hasn't gone up much. Do you think that it will just take a while to come back up especially since the rt3 is normalizing? Should I seek medication like armour, or is that something that once you go on it you will most likely need it for life? My tsh isnt too elevated, and my free t4 seems ok, and it looks like the problem is the conversion to t3.


You have a few threads already. Please review the advice for new guys sticky. We need context and it is elsewhere. You need all of your shit in one thread to be able to best help you.

What is your iodine intake now and what was it before?

Have you measures waking body temps lately? With low fT3, Many would expect that you would have symptoms.

How do you feel and how has that changed?
You feel cold easily?


Not at all. If anything I feel hot easily and prefer the cold. The only real symptoms would be fatigue/sluggishness.

I know that my adrenals could have something to do with suppressing the thyroid, as I had a adrenal stress profil this summer and it was elevated at the higher end of the range (not over, but near the top) at all six times including midnight and 2 AM in the morning. So if anything the elevated cortisol could be suppressing it. I have been using high dose phosphatidylsering recently at night hoping it will help. Havent retested my cortisol in a while though, but I am thinking it is improving seeing as my reverse t3 is coming down and high cortisol can increase rt3.

I feel worlds better since starting testosterone though.


Well my rt3 seems to be mid range, which isnt terrible, its just the fact that my free t3 is so low that it would still be considered rt3 dominance, no?

I also notice water retention in my backside and legs as the day goes by.