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Update On My Stupid Situation


Dear Diary,

To say I have been taking it easy would be an understatement. I have been slacking off like a fucking asshole. A couple reasons/excuses:

-Found out all of my discs are either herniated or trying to escape my spinal column entirely
-I need minor surgery at the end of the month that will put me out for at least 2 weeks
-Time to lift has been sucked down to about zero with a full time job, classes to switch careers, trying to start my own business, and trying to be a mentally stable happy social animal (failing miserably)

I don't know the eaxact purpose of this post but just felt my life needed an update. And I am about halfway through a bottle of maker's mark so I am getting a little mouthy.


STB- first off, you're a great source of knowledge. Take this time to get healed and decide how you want to attack training.

Enjoy the booze, learn some new stuff, start your company and when you're ready get back and bust some ass. We all know you will.


i feel ya, doc told me no weights for 1 month, possible disc issue.

currently on week 2....if it wasnt for benchpress id have gone nuts.


yeah man balancing life while injured is no fun, but you got makers going for you.


squats and cocaine


I've been dealing with this.

You need to figure out a plan, publish it in an ebook or maybe even Amazon, then profit.


I value my job/career first and foremost. I'm not young anymore, and I don't have/had plans to compete. I just try to enjoy my training, stay healthy and injury free, and also enjoy life as much as I can.


Hey hope you get it figured out! Good luck with classes, career and business! Wish you the best. You're a smart guy and you work hard. You'll figure it out and kill it as usual.


See, here is where my wiring is different than the majority of the earth. I don't care what I do. I don't care about making money. If I could get the kind of space I want, do the kind of training I want to do with myself/clients, then I wouldn't care if I ever made a dime off of it. I would literally have everything I need. Of course it will never be as easy as that. I have other responsibilities in my life.

Screw it. I'm going to move to Alaska. Work on the pipeline. Open a gym and call it the "Fortress of Solitude."


in. how many pelts for a membership?