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Update on my 21 year old fiancee who can't lose weight

Guys the situation is not getting better. I dunno what to do and I’m going crazy

Last week she actually went from 211 to 209 monday through friday. Saturday, she only had 2 meals and ate about 1500 calories. Sunday, she had 3 meals and ate about 2300 calories (3 eggs and ham for breakfast, 3 slices of pizza, meat and salad for dinner). Yesterday, we went back to extremely hardcore diet. She had 2 meals of nothing but meat and veggies… no more than 900 calories

The number is back to 210. Wtf is going on here?

I mean is there any possible answer to this outside of her not counting calories correctly? Is there some kind of condition or problem that would explain it? All her blood tests came out perfect

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