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Update on how im doing athleticly

First off i have a question? Im playing basketball all out 2 days a week during aau tryouts, and practicing every other day 2 days hard, and 3 days focusing on light techniqe skills. In my program i dont imcoorperate any plyometrics just basic strength training, i havent seen any big gains in my vert i think it could be maybe overtraining but im always feeling fresh.

I actually got a hook up with an aau team, there probably top 25 in the nation. Yesterday were try-outs i have never ran that hard something inside my just wanted it so bad. Guys were dunking so i was throwing down these monster left handed dunks, we were sprinting and i was always the first one down.

My atheletism is developing quite well but i need to get alot quicker, stronger, and more coordinated.

My strength has actually rose quite a bit, im deadlifting 155x5 , benching 160 x5, and squating 135x5 its not good buts its progress. Ive added about 7 pounds of lean muscle. Im doing all my olympic lifts with dumbbells since im 6-6 with my long arms and im guessing it should help develop some seruios coordination.

I need some quick inches to my vertical leap any tips?

My basketball skills are getting a lil better but i still have alot of improving to do, i was wondering if T-mag could do something on me like from zero to hero every week and i could keep you guys updated and write articles on my diet, training any increases i think it would be pretty could.

I just want to thank all you guys for your help you give the best advice out there and its only been 3 weeks but i can see a diffrence in my game, my speed is also coming along i mean i was guarding a d-1 rookie of the year and i think i had him on lockdown i was playing as tuft, its like im posseded im loving it.

I could type out an entire article here but since I train my athletes so similarly to joe defranco, I sugggest you look up his articles on t-mag, he’s had two in the past few issues and read “ask joe” on his website www.joedefrancotraining.com if that address isn’t exactly correct, just link over from his t-mag articles. Read every weeks’ Q&A from beginning to end. There are plenty of basketball related questions there. The football questions while not your chosen sport will have direct carryover to you.