Update on First Cycle

Just a little update for you guys.
I just finished week 5.

This was my cycle:
dbol week 1 to 4 50mg
test e week 1 to 10 250mg bi weekly.
I still weigh 195, my weight gain has not dropped at all yet.

Near the end of week 3 i started getting a little bit of acne on the back of my neck but it has cleared up and gone away. No anger issues at all.

I Have noticed huge strength gains in my shoulders.
seated military press i am doing 225 for 4 (bar touching top of my chest every rep)
-before i was only doing around 155 max.
Bench has gone up a bit to a 345 one rep max.
Noticed huge gains in my squat now repping 385 for 4.
incline dumbbells 110 for sets of 6.

all in all everything is going well. the shoulders is the biggest shocker in strength gain. its unreal.

5 weeks in and you haven’t experienced any weight gain? Jeez you didn’t mention AI admin. Just by barebacking the cycle you should have gained some sort of weight.

OK, since you worded this as an update, you probably could have put it in your original thread.


Basically it sounds like you went from 178/180 to 195 on the dbol but got little in terms of strength increase… now you’re getting strength increase but no more size on test E.

Underdosed? If you have a batch number, make a polite inquiry. In the meantime, keep on eating.