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Update on ART and question for Dr. Gregg and ART practitioners.

K, so far art is going amazingly. Have come to find out that I tore my pec, not just strained it. Treatments are going well, with substantial improvements weekly. My question is: my doc said it was time to start doing light exercises again. The pain is gone while resting, and only slight when i lift something. What would be some good light weight exercises to work this area, and what kind of set rep scheme should i plan on. Here’s what i was considering:

D-Bell benches - 3x15
Seated rows - 3x15
Preacher curls - 3x15
Rotator cuff work - 3x 15

Would this be ideal? Was not planning on working to failure, but chiefly just trying to integrate muscle fibers to encourage proper rehab. Just don’t want to reinjure. Have been in art for 3 treatments, btw.

Hey, there, ransomed. I ain’t no ART practitioner, but have you asked YOUR doc (the one who’s doing ART on you) for his recommendations? After all, he’s the one that knows how badly injured you are/were and how your body is responding to treatment. Anyone else here would have to make a guess, and that might not be in your best interests.

Glad to hear it’s going well, though. A pec tear sure doesn’t sound like much fun!

I’m happy that you have made progress with your injury. ART is a beautiful thing. Again I have not treated your injury so I’m not sure what kinda weight you shoulder can handle. However I do suggest doing alot of rotator cuff work and stretching of the pec and posterior capsule of the shoulder.
Good luck,