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Update on Arm

Alright well my arm that is fractured/bone chipped, is healing quite well! The doc. said 4-5 more weeks though before I should do/can do any weight training and go back to combat sports. It still does hurt when i put some pressure on it, so I do know it deifnatly isn’t time yet, and he’s right about the 4-5 weeks.

My question here is, once I reach that 4-5 weeks…and yes I’m asking early because I’m getting highly impatient because I need to train. lol…ANYWAYS, once I wait until 4-5 weeks, I’m not sure how to gauge my workouts. I was thinking of doing some stuff (bench, curls) of setes of 8 reps for a couple weeks. AND THEN amp it up to 5RM’s and such.

BAD IDEA?! or not…I don’t want my arm giving in or anything, which it shouldnt because it’s a small chip…nothing serious…but anyone else have any advice on how to gauge my workouts once I get back into it. I’m bloody eager, to gain back all the strength I’ve lost.

Listen to your body…

Definitly a good idea after those 4-5 weeks to keep low weight, high reps… start off slow.