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 Representative Sweeney, Representative Osborne, House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and Senator John McCain have all publicly supported H.R. 5564. In fact, Sweeney has the Olympic Training Center at Lake Placid in his state, Osborne was a former football coach, and Hastert was a former wrestling coach. No one should ever assume that this bill will not pass because it is premature at this stage to make that assessment. Congress will be back in session in about two weeks so all of you should begin to intensify your e-mail messages, telephone calls, and letter writing. Please remember that although Senators are up for election every six years, Representatives are up every two years. I have seen countless elections won or lost by only a few percentage points and the Representatives will have concerns about pushing this bill if their offices are getting slammed with tens of thousands of telephone calls, e-mails, and letters on a monthly basis. So please continue to contact them every chance you get and contact your Representatives first, and your Senators second, because it is the Representatives that will handle the bill first in the Subcommittee. Do not stop fighting this until the bill is dead because even though less than 5% of all bills become law, this is one that has broad support from both political parties and could easily pass if enough people don't fight it. If you underestimate the threat and do nothing to fight this, you may regret it next year when every andro derivative is banned for sale in the United Staes and we become just like Canada.   

I would love to help but unfortunately my state is represented by Dr. Tom. It was ok for his football players but not for us, hmmm.

how Avant has to pull their product shortly and everyone else doesn’t yet, hmmmmm smells like a stinky rat !