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Update of First Cycle

ive just finished a 12wk cycle of sus250 500mg,dec 400mg,dia25mg(first6 wks),as my results were not what i expected i increased to 1000mg sus,400mg deca for the last 6 wks,and wow im a very happy man,
(this worked for me but plse note i have over 15yrs natural training and started at 220lbs)
i have a list of good and bad points that may help other newbies

bad points and mistakes
1.i did not buy the full cycle prior to starting and after 6 wks run out with source unable to supply,forcing me to take 3 wk break.

2.very slight acne on chest and neck ,nothing bad.

3.aggresion levels did go up.

4.i split my injections to 2x a week and on each injection day injected sus and dec separately,this caused real pain and muscle swelling for days ,so i changed to 1 injection twice a week mixing sus and deca,and that work great.

5.on week 4 had very sensitive nips and could feel tiny lump on left side ,i took 40mg nolva for 4 days and 20mg for 4 days and problem never returned again.
thats about it for bad points all and all very surprised about the lack of side effects in relation to such high levels aas taken.

good points

1 body weight up to 254,not to much visible water retention at the moment.

2.strengh levels hit roof
bench 460 x 6 (up 120lbs)
squat 580 x 8 (up 140lbs)
very very happy with results from first cycle ,but plese i am not endorsing the above dosages just showing what worked for me,and of course will be following a pct to finnish.
thks for all advice

congrats on the gains


Next time if you plan things out properly and do them right from the beginning your gains should be even better.

‘Planing your cycle’ and being prepared to train hard and a solid diet are key,i will definately be more prepared for my next cycle,
thks to all for help given during my first cycle.