Update: High E2 and Prolactin, Low Test/LH/FSH

Did my blood test 12 days after sustanon injection,my e2 was 250 And the ref range is 99.5-192 pmol/L,prolactin 337 and ref range 86-324 mU/L,and test 33.1 nmol/L with ref range 8.64-29.
I started pct today,15 days after the last pin.Started with nolvadex only,was planning to do 40/40/20/20,do you think prolactin is gonna come down thru some time or should I add caber too?

Nothing is high, your numbers are barelly over the normal range…

TT at 33nmol almost two weeks after your last shot is still high, and it’s likely too soon to start PCT. You’ve still got at lot of test still in you that needs to be metabolized before your HPTa is ready to bounce back with the help of a PCT.

Like Hank said, your other markers are barely high and don’t require any intervention, esp since your cycle is done anyway and it’s all going to be coming down now.

Thank you for your quick replies.
In the last month I got a lot of acne too,I try to keep my diet as clean as possible,so I thought the reason for the acne would be hormonal,so did those blood tests and want to fix acne a bit.
So you think acne should fade away a bit over some time or should I take something?
(i wouldnt take rooactune yet,its not that severe)

So I did my blood test 1.5months after my last pin,did susta/deca/dbol cycle.
E2 - 141 pmol/L (99.4-192)
Fsh - 0.1 U/L (1.5-12.4)
Lh - < 0.1 U/L (1.7-8.6)
Prolactin - 337 mU/L (86-324)
Test - 12.7 nmol/L (8.64-29)
So that low FSH and LH means no test is producing,I have reached shut down of production?
And since e2 is in within limits its still high,so high E2 and low test results in mood swings,tiredness,and extreme acne,as I have all of that.
So I would I get it back just with cycle of nolva 40/40/20/20 and so blood test again or do I need 5000ui of hcg to bump up the production?
And that prolactine,Maybe 0.5 mg of caber every Fifth day would be fine?
Thank you.

1.5 months later? Maybe that’s due to the longer ester in Sust? Seems like that should have come up by now.

Exactly,I also think they should have come up already.
I havent started pct yet,I was waiting to get a chance to do blood test so I know where I stand.
But this is something I have never encounter before,do you have any advice for my pct approach?

If I’m not mistaking you’ll still be shut down 6 weeks after last Nandrolone shot assuming ~400mg/week for 12 weeks of the decanoate ester.

You could maybe just run HCG only 500IU EOD for a month or two until you wash out a bit more of the Deca. The use Nolvadex as you described.

What was your cycle in terms of dosing out of interest?

I was on a 16 week cycle,750mg sustanon,250 deca and 50mg dbol in the starting phase.
Yeah Im still thinking about the HCG dosage,because I feel like its a sensitive thing to dose,I dont want to over do it. So I was thinking getting 10000ui,Splitting it 6 doses,and do 1 dose every third day,so it would be in like two weeks time Frame. But Maybe your suggestion of 500 every other day is also a good idea. Not really sure which one to do🤔

Using 10000IU over the course of 20 days at 500IU every other day then using Nolvadex to get the HP side of things going seems a pretty solid plan.

Would probably start the Nolvadex on day 14 of HCG if it was me.

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