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Update: Going Away During Cycle


Hey guys.

It's been about 41/2 weeks now on this cycle.

Started out with

40mg Oral Winstrol / day - Weeks 1-3
250mg Test Cyp / 3 days
200mg Tren Eneth / 3 days
75mg Masteron / 1.5 days (started a few days before the winstrol ended)

In 3 more days I'll be starting my HCG @ 250 IUs/ 3d for 4 weeks

I was going to run the cycle 15 weeks but I think I'm going to run the Tren for 10 weeks and the Test for 14 and do a test taper after that.

Then Nolva @ 40/40/20/20 after the tapper.

Anyway my starting weight was 192 lbs and I'm now 205 lbs and kinda leveling off.

Now the Question.

There is a good chance I'm going away in a few weeks for a week. I can't take my stuff with me so I'm thinking maybe a double dose of test the morning I leave.




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