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Update from Mexico City about Ttokkyo

Hi, i just finished a conversatoin with a Ttokkyo sales representative, and the company is for real, the offices are in Mexico City, (Distrito Federal), but the plant is in Morelos.

So i asked for the prices of each product and here is how now they updated their products, the prices are the ones in Mexico City, and the new versions look much more stronger.

Take a look:

METHANDIENONE 100 tabs/10 mg $100 bucks, 1000 tabs $1000 bucks.

NANDROLONE 300 bottle of 10 ml $70

OXANDROLONE 100 tabs, 5 mg/tab $150

TESTOSTERONE CYPIONATE 10 ml bottle, 200 mg/ml $25 bucks

BOLDENON (Boldenolona) 10 ml bottle, 200mg/ ml

Testonon bottle of 5 ml, 250 mg/ml $25

And their new realese!


bottle of 20 ml, 100 mg/ml 250 bucks

bottle of 100 tablets, 10mg/tablet 125 bucks.

bottle of 500 tablets, 10mg/tablet 500 bucks.

So, that´s it, i finally bought to the sales representative 2 bottles of BOLDENON and another one of DIANABOL.

So i compare the prices with the ones that you post before and the new ones are more expensive, (i assume this to the fact that it was the price for very small quantities, but i imagine that if you buy more, the cost is a lot cheaper).

So what do you think t-mag readers, a real inform from one that lives in Mexico City.