Update from Christian

I’ve been taking my training more seriously for the past 5 weeks. Prior to that it wasn’t always optimal because of a lot of travelling for seminars. But I decided to really focus on my progress for some time.

Started a structured fat loss diet for the first time in something like 6 years! 5 weeks done so far (5 or 6 more to go). I’m down 15lbs but my strength is the same or even up on some movements. My energy is actually better than it has been in the last 2 years.

I will detail my training approach once I’m done with my new transformation. The diet is fairly simple. It’s basically a low carbs diet for the whole day, except peri-workout which consists of PLAZMA. I also have some pineapple post-workout. But besides that only protein and fat.

I’m also doing semi-fasted walking (I take 1 scoop of MAG-10) early in the morning (4:30 since I workout at 7:30) for 50-60 minutes and also walk 45-60 minutes with my dogs in the afternoon.

I like walking since I can relax and think about projects. And I find that it is the only form of “cardio” where there is zero chance of any muscle loss when dieting. It doesn’t burn a ton of fat, but it eventually ads up.

BTW I’m 210 at 4:30am on an empty stomach, was 224-225 when I started. My goal is around 195 which would put me pretty darn near contest condition. At 5’8" the heaviest I was in contest shape was 190, so I would be very happy with 195 considering my health issues over the past 2-3 years and my old age :wink:


Lookin’ good, Christian!

Thank you. After 2 or even 3 years of trying to get back, it feels good to at least be within striking distance

Incredible Coach!.. Been following your recent advices about training (never rest more than 2 days in a row, never train more than 2 days in a row, easy cardio off days, carries…) and Im feeling better than ever, well rested, always fresher, keeping on constant progress, stronger, more athletic and so much leaner! Thank you and lets keep going!!

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Looking great coach!

About what percentages is this?

I would GUESS the following:

Caliper measurement around 8%
Internetz measurement around 6%
Real body fat measurement around 10%

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All my respect for your hard work, I consider you the best in the business. I would also like to ask you a question that was put to me yesterday by another operator: Of all your programs, what do you consider the best for the individual special operations soldier? Thank you.


De toute façon vous avez toujours eu un look ,depuis toutes ces années que je vous suis sur le web, qui montre l’exemple en tant qu’entraîneur .
On aimerait tous avoir la même condition physique et les performances qui vont avec .
Bon , ben on a plus qu’a attendre les détails de votre approche , comme d’habitude pour les gars gourmands comme moi , on a faim de toutes infos sur l’entraînement , et la nutrition .

Hahaha. I think this pretty much is the percentage the majority of men wants to sit around. The look appeals to a wide audience. Success on your fat loss journey!

Yeah that’s looking good coach. Congratulations

I can relate to that. Not the seminars but academic research work in my case along with training clients. It is amazing how much energy using your mind all day takes out of you. Glad you are getting back to form!

I will echo this as well. I’ve followed you and read your articles and books since before your original “Beast Transforms” series, back to the old dragondoor strength circuit workout. You are one of my biggest influences in how I think about training.

I am also interested in your answer to idaho as well! I had the pleasure of helping several soldiers training for selection and it was a lot of fun. Also an interesting challenge different than the ‘normal’ meathead type training.

All the best with your latest push for leaning out.

Looking great CT. Muscles still look pretty full for being relatively low-carb.

And wow, that is a lot of walking! Wish I had the time for that, even an hour. It is decent meditation, for sure.

Actually I will have to increase them a bit. I dropped a lot of fat since that picture, a bit too fast I think and I am a bit flat. And I believe that flat muscles (depleted glycogen) is one of the most catabolic things you can have.

Thanks for the compliment! I would think the Zombie apocalypse workout would be the best one.

Thank you, Sir. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Hey coach. Out of interest, how low carb have you been going? Not expecting you to weigh the pineapple for an exact macro breakdown!

At the moment around 175g but I might have to increase it a bit. I actually lost A LOT of fat over the past 3 days (I was out of town and walked all day) and I’m starting to feel flat. And my daily activity level is fairly high.

Wow, when I read your first post I was assuming you were sub 100g of carbs with just PLAZMA and some pineapple. 175g is closer to a medium-high day for me! I’m VERY interested in seeing your detailed breakdown after your transformation. Keep it up, you’re looking great.

I’ve managed to shed 7lbs in 4 weeks on a nearly no carb dieting approach. Likely not ideal for muscle retention but it has definitely been working for fat loss. I will be moving to a less drastic approach come July (possibly the 5/2 diet for athletes as I have had some previous success with it).