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Update: Five New Articles!

This week at T-mag:

Peek Inside the Box - Atomic Dog by TC

Periodization That Works by Charles Staley

Hungry, Hungry Hormones by John M. Berardi

Diversity for Hypertrophy by Chad Waterbury

Bloodhound Scientist by Doug Kalman

Groundbreakers: The Sex Cult of Venice Beach

Reader Mail

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Very, very good issue this week.

I second Ike!

Looks like T-mag has decided to turn things up a notch this week.

The articles and guest forum this week are just another fine example of why T-mag is superior in ALL aspects for us knowledge seeking mongors!

T-mag just gets better and better. Anyone else remember Year One where there were only one or two articles per week and no forum at all? Go back in the previous issues section if you don’t. We are so spoiled now. If you really think about it, it’s shocking that all this is free.

The sex cult of Venice Beach.

Now why in the fuck did you all choose to print that story ?!?!?!? T-mag is both very imformative all the time and entertaining some of the time. That article did nothing but make me sick. The whole time I read it, i just asked “why print this shit ?” Most of us know that there’s a lot of sick people out there, including some professional bodybuilders, we don’t need that kind of info. just handed to us. There’s other sites on the internet for that.

I will probably get flamed for writing this, but it pisses me off to see a mag do so well for so long and print this kind of garbage. There’s no one who visits this site regularly can call this kind of jouralism “entertaining” or “informative”.

pretty ballsy t-mag !! :frowning:

That article is 3-4 years old, Podge. Read the intro.

it could be a week old or ten years… doesn’t matter to me, still just as sick… i’m sure there’s kids reading this site.

Podge, T-mag has always published stuff like this, you just don’t remember, didn’t read every issue, or are pretty new to the mag.

As for the “children” comment, T-mag has always been an adult oriented site covering steroid use, sex issues, etc. so I’m not sure why you’re so morally offended or shocked.

Are you sure you haven’t been reading Men’s Health or something? :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ll admit that I am new to T-mag, only a little over a year, and I don’t read EVERY issue or article, and I’ve read the “sex” type articles, but those are written more of a entertaining sence, with one’s opinions, which is all fine and dandy, and i do enjoy them just as much as the next guy. This Cult article had a certain darkness to it, written interview style, given as fact, and fairly graphic.

I totally agree that this is an Adult oriented site, and should be treated as such, but I’m sure that there are some kids out there who are very interested getting bigger, stronger, more athletic, and I’m sure they will come across and turn to this web site eventually, which i would hope they would, this is bar-none the best place for info. they are looking for !! But this article being so graphic in nature, I don’t think anyone wants these young, influential minds to think up of crazy shit about bodybuilding as a whole, such as Bodybuilding itself will eventually lead to worse drugs than steriods, and turn a straight guy, gay, do freaky shit in front of other people, etc. I’m not morally offended so to speak, but I am shocked that such an article was printed on T-mag.com.
I’d expect this kind of article to pop up in MuscleMag International or something.

Now Tek, i haven’t been reading Men’s Health ! :), (not in years anyway) but i’ll be damn if i pick up a Flex or Muscle and Fitness ever again in my life, I’d be afraid they’d start sticking two pro’s together in a compromising position in a centerfold.

I for one think that article is great. Most of us grew up reading all the other crappy mags and believing all their lies about training, and about the bodybuilders themselves. I would want a kid who is considering the bodybuilding life to see what he may be getting himself into. As far as being informative. It was extremely so. It exposed the underbelly of an institution. If that was what happened at Senate parties after session it would be big news. Why it wouldn’t be just because it is bodybuilders and not some politician is beyond me. These people are hero’s to millions of kids. The other Mags built it that way with the way they portray them. It’s nice to see the other side and bring things back into persective. Truth will set you free.