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Update and Question on the TRT

ok. my mood swings have gotten better. Its been 10 days since my last 300mg test inj at docs office. I feel ok now BUT!!! Ive notice some sensitivity in my nipples and they (nipples) are a little bigger . I had new labs done last thurs for E2 and free and total T… should get results back soon. I got prescrip filled and here at home but wont do another injection till i find out estradiol levels. I ve only been on trt for 3 months. I shouldnt be getting boobs already. 200 eow for jun and half july, then 300 eow till now. hopefully E2 is high and i get an AI. I will crash and restart later before I take any more T without an ai or findout why my nipples are growing. I told doc about all other symptoms,(severe rapid mood swings,drepression, water retention in ankles and hands and neck. If I dont get an Ai I will have to stop the T. I AM a boob guy, just not on men or ME!.

Update your original thread and learn to use white space to break apart your thoughts and sentences.