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Update and Looking for Guidance

Here was my initial post about 6 months ago

Below I will attach some progress pics, nothing too impressive but my weight is up about 13 pounds.

Over the past 6 months using starting strength (mildly modified) got my lifts from.
Deadlift 225 to 355
Squat 185 to 315
Bench, 155 to 215
Pullup, currently doing 4x5 with 45 pounds on the belt
Cleans, only recently started focusing on these max is 175.

I was very happy to put so much on my squat and although lagging behind a bit dead and bench I feel like I made some decent gains as well.

I feel at the moment like it’s time to move on to something new and I wanted to look to you guys for some advice. Any suggestions on programs that might work from here? My goals are primarily strength based (this time next year I’d like to shoot for clean 225, bench 245, squat 350, and deadlift 405), and I think I can implement 5 days a week.


pics don’t seem to be uploading…

there they are

and on more


yeah? I had a feeling someone was gonna say that, been reading up on it a bit.

So if I wanted to continue doing cleans would I use this as assistance work, and if so which day? Logistically do you guys find that you plan your workouts out best (percentages) ahead of time in your log or is this something you learn to do on the fly at the gym? I have terrible insomnia and some days I hit the gym after not sleeping and you can just feel that the energy is not there, I’ve been really fortunate over the past few months to really pay attention to how much rest I get and I think it’s payed off in the gym. Do you find that 5:3:1 is flexible in those instances where your energy just isn’t there? Do you wait a day to do your workout? Excited about trying this out, hopefully will have the logistics figured out for next week, any reads suggested other than the two wendler articles?

I can’t believe no comments!

[quote]Flatts wrote:
I can’t believe no comments![/quote]

Your shoulders and arms could use some work.

Flair what lats you’ve built in the back double bi

And you have a massive imbalance between your left and right in your traps.

BUT you are too green to give that much of a shit about this stuff.

Add in some raises, stop using mixed grip on pulls if you are, and just keep pushing forward with what is working for you.

You’ve made progress, now keep going.

And shave that nasty ass matting of fur on your chest before you try and bang any chicks.

It’s really just about continuing to do what you do and making progress.

Moving on from SS would be the first thing I’d do in your situation. Getting on a basic progression system like 5/3/1 or 5x5.

BTW those aren’t too shabby numbers after just 6 months.


Still learning how to flare the lats. As for the imbalance, that is mostly gone (it was for the most part a spinal curvature not muscle that my chiropractor ironed out) it seems every day I hit deadlifts heavy my back gets wacked out, gotta keep rolling and stretching and focus on form I suppose, this seems to be one of the biggest things holding my deadlift back at the moment (although this might have less to do with my lifting form and more to do with the 12 hrs a day I spend hunched over a book). I recently picked up straps so I don’t need to use a mixed grip anymore which is extremely nice (but have been tossing in farmer walks to make up for my loss of a grip strength work from deads). Totally agree about the shoulders and arms and have been starting to work on those points after my main lifts (my rear delts are extremely far behind), I think the extra day in the gym with 5:3:1 will make that a little easier. By raises I’m assuming you mean for delts with dumbells?

I appreciate your comments man, thanks

oh last thought on cleans, my grip strength simply isn’t there for going above the 175 i’m at, will farmer walks and continued cleans at my max weight build this up? I find the straps a royal pain for this lift.

Thank you teledin, I myself was amazed at how much I was able to put on some of my lifts even with some pretty stalled out periods due to lack of sleep. Definitely speaks to the importance of hard work and sticking to a single plan.

With regards to the four week periodicity of the 531 program, do you try to stagger the “week” each main lift is in the de-loading phase or do you leave it set up so that the fourth week every one of your main lifts is in a de-loading phase.

I would put the cleans on deadlift day.

I think you can probably get stronger than what your goals are by this time next year

It’s possible, I have two months of surgery rotations that could set me back. 5 am to 9 pm shifts with a 24 hr every other weekend. But that shouldn’t be until mid October or so. Will just have eat and squeeze as much sleep in as I can during that time.

Gotta say, two days in, I see why everyone loves this program, can’t wait to see where I’ll be in a few months.