Update After 19 Weeks

It’s been about 19 weeks now since I started HRT (200mg Test/100mg Deca, once a week; 1/2cc 10,000 HCG, twice a week and 1mg anastrozole one time a week).

had 1 week off around week #6 when I went to Disney and took the last 3 weeks off due to sone tendonitis in my knees and non-operated on shoulder. Shoulder is feeling great and just had my first week back in the gym finish yesterday.

The first 16 weeks I went from 237lbs to 198lbs. During my 3 weeks off I hovered around 200lbs. My weigh in today put me at 196lbs. 41 pounds in 19 weeks. Add this to the fact that I have been partying a lot and enjoying tons of Michelob Ultras (I try to adjust my macros to accomodate them).

I am happy with the results. I don’t know my current hormone numbers (I see my doctor 12/31, but the nurse’s pre-visit follow up to my blood work said everything was normal except my trigycerides were a little high and they wanted me to continue my fish oil intake.