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The End of MAG-10: The era is over, but the most exciting anabolic event ever has just begun!

Whip out that sexy credit card now before you’re paying $400 a bottle on e-bay.

<a href="http://www.t-mag.com"target=“new”>How to Succeed as a Personal Trainer
by TC

What they don’t tell you in personal trainer school.

Columbus Crackdown!
by John Koenig

One brave reporter descends into the chaos of the Arnold Classic Expo. He came back wearing a thong and smelling of Jay Cutler’s man-stink. (We didn’t ask.)

The Naked Truth: The Real Scoop on Post-Workout Recovery Drinks
by David Barr

Are these pricey drinks worth the high sticker price? Big Dave Barr gives you the true story.

The Education of a Powerlifter, Part II
by Dave Tate

Pulitzer prize winning author David Tate writes a charming tale about kittens and rainbows. Not!

Violent Variations, Part Deux
by Christian Thibaudeau

Your eyeballs will hypertrophy just reading the article!

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