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Update: 6 Week TRT Labs - 40mg e3.5d - Please Help

UPDATE I just got my labs for my 6 week TRT protocol 40mg e3.5d. My Testosterone isn’t bad because I had labs drawn before my next injection. I would like it to be a little higher. I am concerned about the Hemoglobin and Hematocrit but it’s not critical yet. I’m not sure what to make of the other stuff. I read a study that showed the twice a week injections make you more susceptible to high H & H. I’m not sure if that is true.

Total Test 463 (250-1100)
Free Test 101 (55-155)
Prolactin 7.5 (2 - 18)
Estradiol 32 (< or = 39)
SHBG 17 (10 - 50)
Cholesterol 246H (<200)
Hemoglobin 17.6H (13-17.1)
Hematocrit 51.8H (38.5-50.0)
FSH <0.7L (1.6-8.0)
LH <0.2L (1.5-9.3)
PSA 0.5 (< or = 4.0)

Optimize thyroid, and T. Those are your feel goods. It might not be TrT that fixed our energy levels alone. We might need thyroid help. I sure do…

It will be difficult to advise without a set of labs, use 29 gauge insulin syringes in shoulders and quads. You should be using a glass thermometer, digitals in my experience are hit and miss. Testosterone is needed for the health of the cardiovascular system that’s tasked with supplying blood throughout the body, if I stop TRT the veins in my arms disappear and I become extremely cold, especially in my lower extremities in hands and fingertips.

Good TRT doctors are hard to come by, most don’t know dick about TRT and are only managing a number keeping these numbers in range, beyond these reference ranges they are idiot stupid. If your current doctor isn’t concerned with estrogen management, SHBG and Free T I’m not so sure this experience will be any different than your last 3 attempts.

Body temps are low and suggest a degree of hypothyroidism doctors may refuse to treat, countless men and women have what look like normal thyroid labs, however once placed on thyroid medicine and Free T3 elevated to the high normal ranges, all symptoms vanish. There’s thought to be a type of resistance to thyroid hormones at the receptor sites.


The fact that your current doctor is ignoring those biomarkers I predict you will end up quitting yet again because your working with incompetent doctors and that’s been your issue since the beginning and you never stood a chance. Sick care doctors are typically terrible at knowing how to play this TRT game, they don’t even understand the rules.

You’re doctor is unaware that Total T isn’t the free portion of testosterone, it’s bound to SHBG, Free T is bioavailable and is the only test that matters. You doctor gets an F in hormone management! If you have SHBG on the higher end and your doctor is only looking at Total T, I would expect Free T to be very low and no one will be the wiser because their not checking it.

You will likely have to go private, this is where all the experienced doctors reside, insurance is useless for TRT and doctors are only good for writing scripts and know dick about managing hormones.

No way is your doctor going to run a thyroid panel, not unless TSH is absurdly high. So your plan is to call the doctor’s office and instruct your doctor how to do his job?

I wasn’t planning on instructing him on how to do his job. I was going to ask for those labs. I agree he should know better but like you said its difficult to find a good doctor. I’m doing the best with what I got for now.

I came to realize a knowledgeable doctor doesn’t exists under my insurance network, all of the doctors are of the same caliber. You’re not going to find a knowledgeable TRT doctor under insurance because they don’t cover TRT in medical school, the only thing they teach is TRT causes prostate cancer and nothing more.

You need to go private or use a telemedicine clinic, I did and it changed everything.

Defy Medical is a telemedicine clinic with experience TRT doctors who know what their doing.

Telemedicine Defined. Telemedicine also referred to as telehealth or e-health allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients in remote locations using telecommunications technology. Telemedicine allows local practitioners to consult with their peers and with clinical experts when needed.

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Thanks for info. I may end up going to route in the end but I have to let this thing play out with this protocol for now.

I am in the same situation. I have a Dr writing me a script but wants me to dose 100mg once weekly for a 6 day trough I have been doing 50mg e3.5d. We will see what happens after blood is drawn and i have a follow up appointment. Hes been receptive to all my ideas and wanted medications in the past but last apt was rushed and had a lot of stuff going on so i didnt really get to discuss anything just that the gel i was using was a pain in the ass and i wanted to switch over. If my next appointment doesnt go well i will be going with defy.

So nothing Defy medical does is covered by insurance including labs, meds etc?

Nope. Like 1500-1800 a year total

My doctor didnt want to see me back for 3 months. I’m just going to move my appointment up and run labs sooner. I hope he is receptive to running certain labs. I would rather not pay so much out of pocket if I can avoid it.

No Defy doesn’t take insurance, Defy doctors wouldn’t be able to do their job if they did take insurance, understand doctors who accept insurance must deal with a great big headache that is the insurance companies. Insurance companies send in auditors looking for excuses to deny paying the doctors if they step over the line and say order testing the insurance company deems unnecessary, tests needed to balance hormones.

Sick care doctors are puppets and the insurance companies are pulling all the strings. Private doctors left the sick care system to get away from having to deal with insurance companies because it was affecting their ability to help people.


This is truly sad. I know we aren’t dying but this really screws up your quality of life. I appreciate your help. I will keep yall posted when I draw my first labs.

Make life easy and find a trt doc or clinic. Why even waste your time after 3 tries. Sounds like madness to me man. I mean you have so many clinics that we use and can easily give you a couple names to call and use/ itlll be so much easier than trying to use a doc who doesn’t understand.

It wasn’t only effecting there ability to help, it steals money from the docs. That’s why you see these huge dollar amounts on tests with insurance.

Cash only. There cheap. 150/300 a month. Some are flat fee 300 includes labs and medicine. Others Nicole and dime and run 100-150 or so. Defy is one. The other is low t nation. Or choose a trt doc that’s more but worth it.

Right now my insurance is covering all my labs and meds which is why I was going this route.

If I were in your shoes money would not be an option. Trt will bring life back to a man. In turn it’s easy to make a few extra bucks… 3 x trying non trt docs and you haven’t gotten any benefit. Aren’t you sick and tired or doing it your way? Try it our way and get on with it. Maybe call insurance and ask if you can submit the bill now that there already paying for it. Maybe they’ll cover meds. Jsut stop wasting time with this doc you might need more than jsut trt. Maybe thyroid is needed. Pregnalone; dhea, other supplements…

Do you know of a good one in my area?