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Update 43yr old Started TRT lat week

So, I had my prostate biopsy and it was negative. That let my Urologist go ahead with TRT.

To my surprise he gave me exactly what I asked for. I got a 10ml Vial of 200mg/1Ml of Watson Test Cypionate. Oddly, the script was for 200mg every 2 weeks even though he said he was OK with 50mg every 3.5 days. I read horror stories about insurance not allowing one to get more then a 28 day supply. The 1 vial should last months even with the needles taking up a bit. ALSO, I have 1 refill on the script!

My insurance covered it without issue and total cost was $45 plus tax for the test cyp.

I had my 2nd shot last night and I don’t feel anything yet, but read it can take several weeks or more to really start feeling the effects. MAYBE, I feel slightly less sore and the soreness doesn’t last quite as long after a workout or being on my feet all day. BUT, I suspect that’s psychological more then physical.

Initially, I got some 1ml syringes and 22g 1.5in needles, but will get smaller gauge and shorter needles as well. After watching multiple youtube vids and reading about proper way to inject, I had my GF inject in the glute.

I have an appt with the Urologist middle next month and blood test scheduled for about 7 weeks from now.