UPDATE: 31 y/o with Doctor recommending Aveed (follow up questions for you all)

Hey guys, posted here about a month ago describing T levels and a doctor in NYC who was pushing me towards Aveed. Bloodwork came back 488 ng/ml with 86 Free T. I asked for a second set of labs, this time they came back 412 ng/ml and 73 Free T.

Thanks to research and thanks you all, I already know to say no to the Aveed. I am also skeptical of the doctor, since they’ve given me misinformation leading up to this - specifically, that replacement level doses would never leave me with low sperm count and how that “only happens to Test abusers who go way beyond the recommended dose for an extended period of time”, which I know is not entirely true. This is especially important for me as I want to have kids in the next 18 months.

So given my predicament, I am here with 2 questions I hope you guys can help me resolve:

  1. Is 488/86 and 412/73 truly Low T for a 31 year old to the point where I should be looking to start TRT?

  2. If the answer to 1 is yes, given that this doctor has proven untrustworthy, should I cut him out altogether and start myself on 200/mg per week Test Cyp which I can get on a moment’s notice from a pro bodybuilder friend? If so, is this a high enough dose that I need to worry about E2 or get on an AI right away, or can I afford to start and monitor the symptoms as time goes on?

I appreciate all of your help, you guys have been a godsend.

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