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Update 23 Years Old, 5'10 and 180

Posted in here about a year ago throwin up some progress pics. Lifts are probly in the neighborhood of: Bench 300, Squat 320, Dead 400-420. I’ll have a better idea when i retest my 3RM for CTs High performance mass program. Since last time I’ve been training with CTs principles. Diet the last few months has been mainly a carb back loading approach with the exception of a FINiBARabout an hour or 2 pre workout followed by 2 scoops Surge Workout Fuel, 2 ANACONDA, 1 MAG-10 right before and during training.


must be doing something wrong the pics aren’t uploading. Damn you T-Nation!

there we go





side tricep

2 more


The main thing I see missing are lats… upper back in general… traps.

If those lifts are on target, you’re doing work in the gym for sure, just get pulling rather that pushing for a little while, lol. (I love training back so I’m kind of biased)

You’re really lean man, what approach did you take to slim down

@ someguyy: thanks for the advice yeah i agree…I think my back is decent but does need work. Actually seeing these pics made me realize that. I think my back was better in the past and i haven’t been working it as much lately since i’m doing CTs High Performance Mass program but my shoulders do feel better. I think I’ll incorporate some extra eccentric less training for my back or maybe just do a specialization in a few weeks.

@ Vnation: I’ve pretty much always been lean from genetics and by eating healthy but i can say that carb back loading and intermittent fasting approaches seem to work very well for me. I can actually eat more “unhealthy” foods and be leaner than just eating perfect all the time if i’m backloading or doing a fasting approach. Check out dangerouslyhardcore for back loading info or leangains for intermittent fasting. I’ve done the MAG-10 pulse fast also and it definitely works but i dont feel like spending money on it so now if i’m going to do something like that i’d do a fast with bcaa’s instead.

You’re looking good, and you might look better leaner. And I agree with someguyyy, bigger traps will make your physique look a lot better. Keep it up

nice physique! I agree with the above comments, but if your benching 300 and only squatting 320 then somethings wrong.

but your in way better condition then myself.

Very solid physique. I don’t see a real issue with your back (of course who couldn’t use more lats), but I’m sure your posing could flare them a bit more (ie. front bicep shot).

Good work.


solid physique man. Ur rear delts look great from the back. Look bigger than 5 10’ @ 180 imo. thats a good thing.

Good work - nice leanness. Is that your daughter’s room or something? :slight_smile:

most everything looks good… It might be the angle of your thigh, but it seems to me like you could hit your adductors a little more (hard to tell w the angle). That could help narrow the gap with your squat and pull numbers, if that’s part of your goals that is.
What’re you training for?