Upcomming Poliquin Seminar

I’m planning on attending Poliquin’s seminar November 4th and 5th in Buffalo, New York. It’s called “Modern Trends in Strength and Hypertrophy trainning”. Has any one been to a seminar of his recently covering this topic or others.


I attended the Vegas seminar. I learned more than I had in my whole life of training. 10yrs.

Thanks for the input… That makes me feel a whole lot better about the $350 I just dumped for both days!

I was hoping it would be more than what I have read in his articles.

Damien, what types of things did you learn at Poliquin’s seminar? I am very interested in going to his “Modern Trends in Strength Training” seminar, but it will probably be a while before he comes to Florida.

I’ve checked out his Web site to see what the seminar covers. It sounds good.

I was hoping you could give us some of his training ideas!


I learned so many strength training programs to use for hypertrophy or absolute strength. And when to unload them and train the frequency. How to use a ton of supplements much more in depth than he covers on the website. He always holds a little back from the articles and gives much more to the seminars. I learned diet approach is based on where you store your bodyfat. How he likes to do interval training. How to increase GH beyond the german body comp program for fat loss. How to gain and the best supplement combos for. How to lose fat and the best supplement combos. I honestly would go to this one in boulder if I could afford it. I have been training for 9 yrs I’m 23 Poliquin told me that I have reached a very high level of muscle for my age Naturally! What I’m trying to say is I already new alott and I learned even more more than in all 9 years of my life.

One bit of advice, start writing your question out now from everything from strength, fatloss, supplements, hypertrophy, anything that has ever crossed your mind, so that you’ll be prepared. He has a fire away question at the end of every seminar which he answers everything!

Damien, thanks for the info! His seminar sounds quite interesting. When he makes his way near me, I’ll definitely have questions ready!

I am a bit intimidated to go to one of his seminars. As I would probably be the "little" guy there and would probably be surrounded by a bunch of big guys who look at me and think, "Why the hell is he here?"

I’ve also heard that Poliquin can be a little harsh on certain people depending on the questions they answer.

But even though I might feel out of place, I know I could benefit. Everyone seems to agree that they learn more in one of his seminars than they have in 5-10 years of training!

Nate you couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is most (BIG) guys don’t want to pay for sound training advice. At the Vegas seminar most people were just normal trainees who were just really passionate about reaching there goals there were even a few women. Poliquin has a genuine interest in helping everybody. His harshness is more like a very direct way of answering questions. He doesn’t judge anyone based on muscle or anything like that. In fact I think he is more impressed when average trainees make gains on his programs and advice.