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Upcoming Urinalysis. Drug Detection Times?

So I’ve got a urinalysis coming up soon, and need some info.

  1. How long can tren ace be detected in urine?

  2. How long can NPP be detected in urine? Is it the same as DECA?

  3. How long can Halo be detected in urine?

  4. How long can Methyl tren be detected in urine?

  5. How long can superdrol be detected in urine?

  6. How long can anavar/anadrol be detected in urine?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve searched google countless hours and not much info is out there.

The answer is a question: who’s doing the testing and what standards are they using?

If it’s WADA or someone affiliated with them then you’re 1,000,000,000,000% fucked. If it’s a powerlifting federation that randomly tests six dudes per regional competition then you’ve got a shot at passing. Although nandrolone has hilariously long detection time and only an absolute smooth brain would use it within six months of a tested competition. But otherwise there is no clear answer to your question because, and this will shock you, the people doing the tests don’t want to let every athlete out there know what the official detection times are. Think of how dumb it would be to let that information out there.

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Makes sense. So this is actually not sport related at all, and I don’t even know if I’ll be tested, but it’s a very significant reason for me to be concerned. It’s a urinalysis done through labcorp I believe. Online it says it cost $175 bucks and it lists PEDS tested for.

Can you give some more detail without it compromising your own anonymity and safety? Non-sport testing for steroids is not common at all. So if it’s something specific maybe I or someone else will have a more complete answer.

In regards to the test and what you’ve used, can you give some color on that? Don’t use exact dates or anything, but you can say “9/22/2020 was last dose of nandrolone at 100mg” or whatever and that’ll help us figure it out.

It’s a ongoing custody battle, and my daughters mother had me take a 10 panel, everything was cool on that, but then she brought up that she thinks I’m using PED’s. So I’m assuming that test will be next. Don’t have to worry about test e, I’m prescribed that by my primary care doctor.

NPP- last pin was 3 months ago. Cycle was 300mg per week, cycle lasted 60 days.

Tren ace - last pin was 5 months ago. Cycle was 300mg per week, cycle lasted 60 days.

Anadrol- last oral ingestion was 5 months ago. capsules, 50mg per day for 60 days.

Halo- liquid oral. 10mg once a week for the last month. last dose was 6 days ago.

Trestolone ace- 25mg EOD for 40 days. Last pin was 30 days ago.

methyl tren- 15mg once a week for the last month. Last dose was 6 days ago.

Superdrol- 10mgs per week for the last 2 weeks. Last dose was 2 days ago.

I would not worry about NPP, tren, anadrol, halo, or trest (which they won’t even test for and is not illegal). Mtren and superdrol are both recent, but I don’t think superdrol is ever tested outside of anti doping controls. Ditto mtren. If you were getting a comprehensive analysis where they were looking for any trace of metabolites then yes, I’d be concerned. But a simple piss test done for a custody dispute? Nobody is putting up the (at least) $700-1,000 necessary to get WADA-like details for that shit.

Your test-epitest ratio will pop as dirty, but if you’ve got a prescription then that explains that.

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One could theoretically use epitest to mask that.

I don’t have anything to add testing wise, just wanted to say good luck! Sounds like your custody deal is going pretty shitty. Hope it comes out the way you want!!

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The Labcorp test is the gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. Presumptive positives are confirmed by definitive chromatography with mass spectrometry. I was under the impression that this test is the one that they’re looking for trace metabolites. I could be wrong though. and btw iron_yuppie, I really appreciate you taking the time to help. Thank you so much

trace metabolites shouldn’t be allowed in a court case like this IMO. Hell they’re all kinds of legal pro hormones that could cause a false positive.

If that’s the test then yeah, you’ve got some concerns. I’ll give you the advice any half decent lawyer would give you: find a way to stall. It’s an unnecessary test and you should be able to demand some legal theory as to why such a test matters. That might throw up some roadblocks, which would buy you time.

If you test positive for nandrolone you’ve got an out, especially if it’s in really trace amounts. It’s a bio identical hormone and athletes have tested positive for it without having used it. This has been proven by other tests that were done on non-athlete, non-users.

The tren…don’t know what to do about that one. I’ll dig around and see what I can find.

I’ve been told tren metabolites would get out of urine in about 6 months, and that nandralone would be my biggest concern, but I definitely could of been misinformed. My plan is to just tell them I take over the counter prohormones from my local supplement store. Here’s a link to one that has 1-DHEA and 4-DHEA, and I’m pretty sure those would cause a nandralone positive.

Neither of those DHEA variations will cause a nand positive result. However, there is a nandrolone prohormone out there. I’ll find it if I can.

19-nor DHEA is arguably legal/a grey area supplement in the USA and will cause a nandrolone positive

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