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Upcoming Seminar

Does anyone know how to get into the upcoming T-Nation seminar in NY?


The best way is to send me return air tickets ex NZ. If that isn’t an option MBE and John Roman are organising it, MBE (Eric Cressen) had his email address in reader mail about 6 or so weeks ago re the NY t-cell, I suggest you try that. Jealous, jealous, jealous!!

It’s Chessen, babycakes.

Dayum, guess that’s why the Christmas card had “Return to sender”. I sent it to Monkeyboy Eric AKA Eric Cressen c/o New York, USA. If I had used an h instead of r you would have received it. I mean we had people send us a postcard from o/seas once to John & Carol, Geraldine, New Zealand and we got that. Please accept my humble apology for being lazy and not double checking. I will eat 2 bananas and swing from a school jungle gym while doing Tarzan calls as penance.

MBE or anyone: please email me any info on upcoming seminar in NYC


You lazy bastard!