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Upcoming Powerlifting Meet


Christian - I was wondering if you had a supplement/nutritional protocol recommendations for a powerlifting meet. I have been following your 1 of each Biotest available workout protocol, but was looking for meet day suggestions. I was also interested in your recommendations for dropping water weight.

I believe you recently said dropping 10 lbs. of water in day is not that difficult. I am currently 202 and would like to compete at 198. I thank you for you time and appreciate any suggestions.


  1. For the meet... 4 caps Alpha-GPC 90 minutes prior to the warm-up
  2. 2 tablets SPIKE or 1 SPIKE Shooter

This will prime your nervous system and will help you get some big lifts.


Thank you. Would you recommend to spread the Alpha-GPC tablets out or take them all approximately 90 minutes before the squat first attempt? I would assume this would depend on how many lifters but was unsure how long the effects of the Alpha-GPC would last.


Do the recommendation change if you are at a large meet and start squatting at 11am and finish deadlifting at 7pm?