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Upcoming newsletter

I’m starting a FREE monthly strength training newsletter in which I’ll give updates about my seminars and products as well as provide some articles. If you are interested email me your name and email address at: the_beast@t-mag.com

Awesome !!

Great news!

Phew … lots of work … more than 100 subscription over the last hour!!!

I might make this into a bi-monthly newsletter. The first issue will be sent on March 15th.

BTW, the NL will be in pdf format, so make sure that you have acrobat reader. It will also be quite big, so make sure that your email server has some room left.

Thib keep it at a one a month’er for a while you don’t want to get burned out man. I know you have a lot of shit going on.

best news i have heard since my project got extended!!

Don’t you lot use the word fortnight?

We’re up to 410 in one day! Pretty good … believe me, it will be more than worth it!!!

stu: good call on that, man I miss that word. Used it once over here in the states and the only guy that knew what I was talking about was some 65 year old guy.

Thanks to all who have registered so far! For thoese who haven’t yet emailed me, the first issue will be sent Monday morning, so you have 2 more days to register if you want to get your hands on issue no.1!

Last chance for that first issue … it’s going out tomorrow morning at 7:00am

I’m having some problems sending out the NL. I’ll work on it and will try again later today. Sorry about the delay.

hey CT, got the newsletter, but it won’t let me open it.

The first issue rocks! Great work CT.


Christian have you sent it out to everyone because I have not received the newsletter as yet.


do you have Adobe Acrobat installed?
If you do PM me with your email and I’ll forward you a copy.

I still dont have it either

I didn’t get it either.

Rick - Do you still have my e-mail? If so, could you shoot it over? Thanks much.

Here’s a link to Acrobat Reader.