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Upcoming Meet. Goal, Program?


Iv got a meet coming up in dec. It will be my first one iv ever done, iv done a mock meet and totaled 179kg (102kg cj 77kg). I was wondering what a realistic Goal for 6 months would be iv only been weightlifting for 3 months but powerlifting for a few years. Also anyone know any good 3 day a week training programs?


Setting goals is a very individual thing. I could pull some numbers out of my ass but none of them would mean anything.

I actually don't know of any good 3 days/week programs for weightlifting, damn near everything I've ever seen has been at least 4 days/week.


C&j 106kg snatch 84kg total 190kg is what it was i was looking at old notes. I was just wondering if 100kg snatch and 115 C&j would sound about right for 6 months time. Being new i dont really know what to expect for progress really.


Honestly, until you're looking at qualifying totals for national meets or whatever, I wouldn't worry about it. Focus on getting better every training session, getting a little bit stronger, refining your technique a little bit more, whatever. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Lots of people take years trying to hit a 100kg snatch. Do you have a coach at all? If you don't, are there any coaches nearby?


Depending on how strong you are an how terrible your technique is to do 77 102 will determine if you are likely to do 100 115. I'd say if you can't FS 150 or BS 180 the chances of you doing 100 is not very good IMO within 6 months. And that is if you have GOOD technique.

I'd say aim for 6-10kg in 6months on both lifts. So 87 112 but if you get more great! I've coached 2 athletes to Sn 100, one took about 6/8months and another 4yrs.



My FS is around 125kg and my BS is around 150kg. And the closest coach id have is about 80 miles away but iv thought about driving up on my weekends. Thanks guys for the input.


whats your bw my friend. we have similar number interms of lifts


The more you work with a coach the faster your technique will get to the point where you can realise your strength and get your numbers up.

I think it took me about 3yrs to make 100 120 at 77kg. I've always been coached but I wasn't very strong.

So how have your lifts progressed in the past 6months? Just for comparison sake.



I walk around at a little over 200lbs but for the meet in dec. I plan on being in the 84kg weight class. I have the weight to lose im at a higher BF% then normal was jumping up a WC for powerlifting.


You mean 85kg/187, right?


Ya 85kg my bad.