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Upcoming Jaw Surgery. Advice on Minimizing Atrophy

So as the title says im going for jaw surgery. I dont think it involves any incisions, they are going to break my jaw and re position it… i will be eating through a straw for about 10 days then i can eat soft food for another 2 weeks and then regular food. Ill be out of the gym for 2-3 weeks at least… anyway just wondering if anyone has any tips on minimizing atrophy. Would ghrp-2/mod igf combo work? It would help keep off extra fat but would it also spare muscle? Any help is appreciated

Get some Mag10 or hydrolysed whey depending on budget.

Also 2-3 weeks not that big a deal and for a fairly advanced guy might might even do you some good

Two weeks. Just train very up to to it. It could do you some good. You should be able to train with light weights in week 3. If not You will not lose that much

You guys are right. A few weeks off wont do much damage, ill be back to normal in no time

Update: Im 4 days post op and i feel like i had the sht kicked out of me by a gang of outlaw horses. Im able to drink thick shakes and smoothies as well as sippin on bcaa’s all day… my weight has dropped considerably and im sure ill be 160 pounds by the end of the week. So far im down 12 pounds but im really trying to get my calories in and honestly dont give a sht if i come out of this lookin kind of fat cause cutting is no problem. Its really hard not to hit the iron when i go for a tan but what can ya do! Im on 200mcg GHRP-2 and 100mcg cjc 1295 (no dac) hoping that it will increase healing speed, also on MT2 for those tan gains. Anyways ill letcha guys know whats up next week and if everything goes well ill be back in the gym by December.1

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Idk if my sentences make sense 100% still on pain meds and feelin funny

Hang in their pain meds suck. I hate them. That said do not push it while you are still healing. GHRP-2 seems like a good idea.

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