Upcoming Future Developments

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Regarding future developments:

  1. For you what’s the most exciting thing or things regarding future sport nutritional supplements development

  2. There will always be medical prescriptions, users and abusers of whatever drug that might treat a disease as well as be abused for ergogenic or recreative reasons. But takning into account the millions of elder people with some degree of muscular disability conditioning loss of functional independence, how soon do you think that we will have on the market things like myostatin inhibitor vaccines or designed molecules, as well as substances that could legally help us to offset damages from decades of being exposed to pesticides and other chemicals? I mean, now little by little cannabis is being legalized around the glove BUT you can go to jail in some countries for using AAS?

  3. Do you think that one day through biofeedback/EMS machines it would be possible to cause plastic rearrangements on the motor cortex and on certain circuits in such a way that regular people could “rewire” those networks in such a way that our nervous systems could closely replicate mottor patterns of highly skilled and/or highly strong persons? I know some people that are not skinny but naturally slim and athletic guys with natural robust muscles and NOT at all freaking natural Hulks, yet they have such high natural myogenic tonus and and strength that has to be seen to be believed. Yet they are not big like any pro or amateur BB or strongman.

For me those people have naturally occurring uber strong muscles, with higly coordinated and skilled Central and peripheral nervous sytem

Sorry for the long questions
Do you have an upcoming book to be released soon?
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You are getting waaaayyyyyy out of my zone of expertise. I’m afraid that I cannot really offer anything of value here. I’m not a “technology” guy and have absolutely zero idea of what can orr will be achieved, much less what is getting worked on right now.

The one thing I can say is that our world is moving more toward an inactive society, where physical capacities are less and less needed. And that might accelerate. We might eventually live in a society where people barely use their physical functions.

Because of that, I see less necessity in the future to develop drugs and technology to potentiate physical capacities. Rather, boosting mental capacity will be the most important scientific orientation. Maybe with the integration of AI into humans or neural capacity boosters.

If society keeps going in the direction it’s going, the only reasons I could see to develop biotechnologies that would enhance physical capacities dramatically would be:

  1. If they created a cast system, to produce a more productive workers class
  2. Again, if they create a cast system in a society where most life is spent in the virtual world, they could create a class of “entertainement athletes”
  3. Military purposes

None of which would be a positive sign if you ask me.


And don’t forget how fast #3 is actually moving to remove humans from the battlefield. Even relatively underfunded rebel groups have drones capable of strikes now.

That’s why I hesitated to put #3 in

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It’s been a decade, but even then I had trainees that had played some army video game and thought that the training scenarios I had them doing were based on that. Like they thought they’d figured out the secret cheat to get through the day. Like you said, it’s just a total shift. Not long before that, everyone just prepared by running and rucking; these kids played a video game.

Physical characteristics : Human genome editing as a method of intoducing athletically favourable genetic changes. Already being considered for things like sickle cell anemia.

Rewiring nervous systems sounds more like a film starring Tom Cruise - certainly at the moment.

Excellent comment, I suprised myself by how hard I had to laugh reading this. I fully agree though.

I know Iwas waaay out, but that’s exactly why asked you. I wanted a POV of someone clever but not an expert in the subject
I gladly read your answer, and I liked it

By the way, I have followed Question of Strength since the first one with Charles Poliquin, and it is STILL one of my favourite columns that I always await and never been disappointed