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Upcoming FINiBAR Price Drop


This is as behind the scene as it can get. I just got off the phone with Tim Patterson who has been spying on us to see the response to the new forum and he noticed an obvious interest for our latest para-workout protocol.

To encourage you guys to try it out, he decided to DRASTICALLY slash the prices of FINiBARS, I'm talking almost selling them at half price!

Seems like when we all get together on something we can have an impact high above! Next time let's all talk about how Thibaudeau should get a 69 Camaro as a X-Mas bonus :slight_smile:


not before I get one, always wanted one.


How long would the price cut last for? I'm kind of curious to test them out. :smiley:


I have no idea. I'm not high enough to be considered worthy of this information.


mix some THC in those bars and you might be high enough


If they had THC in the bars, somehow I don't think Biotest would need this price drop to get people to buy these...



I think it would greatly benefit the Biotest and the T-Nation forums as a whole if Coach Thibaudeau received a 69 Camaro. I believe the psychological affect on others of seeing a big badass dude in a classic American muscle car would drastically increase interest in Biotest products. In addition, it would also greatly benefit the forums if select forum posters(eg ME!) received test shipments of Anaconda, along with perhaps some FINiBARs and SURGE WO Fuel, to further test the efficacy of previously mentioned para-workout nutrition protocols.

Thank you for your consideration,

*Alright Coach Thib, I tried. :wink:


Mr. Patterson,

In these trying economic times it's a breath of fresh air to see someone in a decision making position actually acknowledge and respond positively to his consumer base. Thank you for the recent decision that you and Biotest made to reduce the price of Finibars. I know that I, for one, will certainly take advantage of this price drop!

But please sir, don't stop there. In these hard times America needs a symbol, something we can rally behind and look to. Something that will help assure us that despite all the hardships we face, everything is going to be all right! That symbol is Mr. Thibaudeau in a 69 Camaro. A renaissance T-man, in a classic american muscle car.

The 69 Camaro is a vision that inspires us to remember a time when all was right, and Chris behind the wheel shows us that a T-man's dream can come true. So please, Mr. Patterson, get Thibs a 69 Camaro. You don't hate America do you?


...What's that? He's fucking Canadian! Oh, forget what I said then. :slightly_smiling:

Seriously, awesome on Biotest for the price drop on Finibars!


Is the $26/box (for 4 or more) the dropped price? I've never looked at the FINiBAR price before so I'm not sure if that's a difference or not but seeing as how it's close to the cost of MD bars, intuition tells me it's the new price...?


even at 30 for one box it's cheaper than before.

I will definitely check them out


I'm interested, but he'd have to offer a complete para-workout package price at a fair discount to get me to take the leap.

Times be tough.


That's in the plan though, at least I brought up the idea and it was well received.


That's in the plan though, at least I brought up the idea and it was well received.


I'd bite on a package discount deal, too. I would love to try the protocol, but it's probably too steep for me at full pricing... wedding and new house to pay for this fall.


I'd always buy 2+ boxes, and they would be 1.50/bar. Now I have to buy 2+ boxes to pay 2.50/bar. I don't know if they are going to be a feasible option for me any more.