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Stat: 5’7" 150lbs 23 9% BF

Looking for cycle critiques/advice


Week 1 1000mg test enat
Week 1 800mg EQ
Week 1-6 30mg Dbol ED
Week 2-8 500mg test enat
Week 2-8 400mg EQ
Week 1-10 .25-.50mg Arimidex EOD
Week 11-13 300mg, 100mg/10day, 50mg/10day Clomid
Nolvadex on hand (probably not needed)

10 weeks off

Week 1-8 500mg test enat
Week 1-8 75mg tren ED
Week 1-2 50mg anadrol ED
Week 3-4 50mg dbol ED
Week 5-8 50mg winstrol ED
Week 1-10 .25-.50mg Arimidex EOD
Week 11-13 300mg, 100mg/10day, 50mg/10day Clomid

Looking for lean mass gains of 30lbs

Over all your stack looks pretty good. I would advise you on stack #1 to drop the dbol and instead go with winstrol from weeks 4-10. The reason for this is two fold: first, dbol will cause ++ water retention, even with arimidex, and you are also using test, which is going to double your water retention. Second, the combination of dbol and equipoise isn’t great, because both tend to have strong effects on erythropoises - increase in RBCs! I have tried a stack almost exactly like this one, and although I gained some good size off it, I found I was really bloated, and suffered from splitting headaches near the end of the cycle -(it hurt to sneeze of cough) I feel this was due to the increase in hematocrit caused by the combo of eq and dbol.

The reason why I recomend winstrol instead is it is a class 2, which will be very complemetary to the test and equipoise, and you will get next to no additional extra water retention, but instead lean hard gains. I recomend 75 -100 mg of oral winstrol or 50mg of injectable winstrol daily. You may be able to further reduce your intake of arimidex this way as well.

The reason why I recomend doing your winstrol from week 4-10 is because with equipoise and test, it will take these compounds a while to kick in anyway and start producing results, Winstrol being a class 2 will work well in synergy with the other two drugs, so I say wait untill you have achieved sufficient effective blood levels of the two injectables in your system before begining the winstrol. I would personally just do the winstrol from beginng to end of the cycle but I realize that others are more concerned about the healh of their livers - me I don’t drink or have any other liver toxins goning into my body so the extra few weeks on a 17-aa doesn’t overly concern me.

As far as your other cycle, I would just choose to do either anadrol or dbol. Both give simmilar results when taken at simmilar dosages, so I don’t see the point of switching from one to the other. Once again I have to say I don’t think you should do testosterone with either the anadrol, or the dbol. instead I would replace it with primo for the most part and just do say 100-200mg a week of test to ensure the equipment continues to function. Keep the tren in and if you like later on in the cycle switch from the dbol/anadrol to the winstrol or anavar so you dramatically harden up and loose your water before the end of the cycle. Both cycles done just like I have laid out will leave you with some deadly gains, and leave you much less looking like a walking side effect!

The last thing I want to stress is the importance of a HCG protocol. you should begin at the end of the third week (when suppression at the testicular level begins) with saturday and sunday injections of about 250 iu each day. Continue these for the rest of your cycle, ending the last weeked of your cycle.

O.k so thats how I would do things- good luck! hope things work out well for you - I think you will easily reach your goals however on the first cycle, never mind the second.
Just remember to eat a shit load of protein! and don’t over train i.e. lift too heavy that you injure yourself- because then you just wasted your time and money!


well planned out cycles. personally im with p-22 i like the first one.

im not trying to be a dick here. but at 150lbs dont you think you still have some growing to do naturally?

p22 and pdog thanks for the replies and information. i’ll be taking your advice.

Well, he is only 5’7", and is down to 9% bf. I’m not really sure how much someone weighs at 5’7" (since I’m 6’) but this sounds like it’s reasonable, especially considering the low bf. Probably could put on a little more weight, but he’s not exactly malnourished there. I think he’s good.

im 5’7 and about 190 right now at around 12%. i havent weighed 150 since the 8th grade.

I think the first cycle is better than the second(very similar to what I use, I just use a little higher dosages). I think d-bol is a great kick-starter to any cycle and don’t understand the reasoning behind using winstrol to start with, instead of d-bol. I would prefer to use winstrol toward to end of my cycle. It would get rid of any bloading caused by the d-bol. It seems you have done your research, and frankly it is quite refreshing to see a someone new to this game post a good question.

Thanks for the replies. After hearing everyone’s opinions I’ve decided to my cycles structured around cycle one. I’ll be adding the winstrol and hcg into it.

PDOG you think 150 is bad, I was 125 a year ago. Been staying at 150 steady for about a half year.

Sorry if I sound like a nag but, I’m with P-dog. I am 5’7 maybe 5’8 and 175 at go between 12-15% bf. I am only 21 so I will stay away from aas for a while more anyway.
I do say props on the cycles I think I will copy your first one to an extent in a few more years when I am ready to join the dark side. For me I would do what P22 said just wait for the test and the eq to kick in and then I would add in the winny and probably a little bit of tren.
So if you can’t seem to do it by eating insane amounts and training natural then the first one sounds like if you add the the winstrol and take out the dbol. So I hope all goes well and you GET BIG.

P-Dog I would have to say that i agree with you on this one. For example myself I am 5’6" at 210 bf 10% and i haven’t used the sauce yet and i beleive there are to many people looking for the easy way of course it’s human nature. So at 5’7" if you can’t get to at least 180 naturally then you should reasses your diet your training program or your life style. At least that is my 2 cents take it for what it is worth.