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upcoming cycles

Week 1-4 dbol @ 25mg/day
Week 1-6 enanthate @ 500mg/week
Week 1-6 eq @ 300mg/week
Week-1-8 nolvadex @ 20mg/day
Week 9-12 clomid @ 50mg/day
Week 1-12 finasteride @ 2.5mg/day

Happy New Year!

Go to meso. They don’t have a problem with giving out emails there.

damn that must cost you boys a pretty penny…

Warhorse, Wideguy, HHH, Squatty…
Any critiques on my above cycle

Rif Raf,

The cycle looks good to me. I dont really think the nolva is neccessary, but you could keep it on hand to be safe. Is this your first cycle?

its my third… but its my first ‘real’ one after i researched. i did just dbol/test cycles before with pretty low dosages.

Yeah your cycle looks well constructed and I would also leave out the nolva like JT said but keep it on hand. I also like your bodyfat to be a little lower than ~15%. Good luck and keep us updated.