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upcoming cycles

ok bro’s, with a new year on the horizon what are some cycles you guys are thinking of running in 04? i would like to start off in feb(providing the little lady is prego by then) with a 4 to 5 week anadrol/winny(both at 100mgs/ed) cycle for a little more meat before cutting. then a spring cutter of primo/tren(maybe winny also)same dosage, probably 100mgs/ed each . looking to late summer, maybe the ole reliable sust/tren/dbol stack for a bulker. i have been kicking around the idea of GH and insulin at some point but i will continue to research and see what develops.


in the summer time of course.


isn’t that too much for orals?
no sides?

and your spring cutter, you’ve always done tren/winny in the past.
why primo/tren this time?
have you used clen or T3 before?

just curious.

Next cycle will include EQ/Dbol/Anavar/Test/Primo - coming to a 'horse near you in late January.


id love to see some of the experienced guys here give RSOC’s Turinabol a shot. ive only gotten feedback from one friend of mine, but the feedback was incredible. id like to see more evidence to deny or support this. id try it myself but its not time for a cycle…

I’m going to be running the RSOC OT along with their DryTest and Primo at the beginning of February.

I believe spookaroo has used it already.

I would try RSOC’s Turnibol if I was on his list. Any help would be great. As for cycles, started cyp, dbol, tren, and a bit of androgel for a week just for fun. 1gcyp/wk 50mgdbol/ed, 100mg/ed. the androgel I am going to use about 2hrs before a workout, just to see how it feels. Being getting great feedback from friends. It definitely raised my aggression last night.

400mg EQ
30mg D-bol ED ( depending of how I feel I will raise/lower dosage)

8 weeks

20 mg Novadex throughout and after for a month ( plus incorporate Cy plan)

HGC shot only if noticeable atrophy to testicles takes place ( compliments of squatty)

Looking to KEEP 10 solid lbs of new mature muscle mass.

  • This stack is used as an experimental cycle to see how my body reacts to AAS. When I learn my body, soon other AAS can be added ( test for example) so I know what does what…if I throw too much in at once i won’t know what I like and Dislike…trial and error.

2 thousand fuckin 4

lats stil hasnt figured out that it is


I’m going to be running the RSOC Oral Turinabol along with their DryTest.

My Cycle will be look like this:

Weeks 1-10: Drytest 600mgs
weeks 1-10: EQ 400mgs
Weeks 1-4(5?): Turinabol @ 50mgs ED
Weeks 10-14: Nolva @ 20mgs ED
Weeks 11-14: Clomid @ 50mgs ED

I will start late JAN or early FEB.

HGC…bad habit. Plus its easier to type HGC with one finger, than HCG…it is closer on the keyboard.

Looks like Feb or March for me too. Plan on RSOC Sustanon Dry, PL EQ, Turinabol, maybe Bolasterone the first month. Like to add Tren E, but my 2 trusted bros don’t carry it. So sad.

Hey lats… tell everyone about my joke… its pretty funny. I am actually planning a cycle of PURE CIALIS and RECREATIONAL DRUGS. Since I’m already in pretty good shape, I should able to just get bent 24/7 with a raging hard-on and work on my STD collection

I like squatty’s idea:-)

Damn keen to give that new Thai Parabolan clone a test drive. Figure I’ll front load assloads of dbol/ winstrol then try 500mg of parabolan, 300mg of primo and a smidgen of test ('cos I don’t like test).

23 years old, 5’10", 195lbs, ~15%bf

Week 1-4 DBol 40mg/day
Week 1 EQ 1000mg
Week 2-8 EQ 500mg
Week 1 Test Enat 1000mg
Week 2-8 Test Enat 500mg
Week 1-10 Nolvadex 20mg/day
Week 1-10 Arimidex .25-.50mg/EOD
Week 11-13 Clomid (300mg, 100mg/10day, 50mg/10day)

Thats my cycle i plan on starting within the next two weeks. Any tweeking is appreciated.

id rather switch to prop towards the end and keep the T just as high as it was towards the beginning…

i dont see the need for the nolva. everything else looks ship shape.

Just started 1 gr proline 500mg eq and 600mg drytest… Fucking starving already.

JT regarding RSOC email me.
You might try zip

Hey Spookaroo, thanks man. I hope the email went through.