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Upcoming Cycle

Just looking for some feedback on an upcoming cycle planned
Sust (I know some people think its crap but works well for me)
Weeks 1-12 sust 500 mgs twice a week mon and thurs
Weeks 1-10 tren a 75 mgs eod
Weeks 1-5 100 mgs dbol ed
Nolva for sides
Hcg for obvious
Had thought about adding deca 400 mgs weeks 1-10 but my conscience and research keeps saying two 19-nors is not a good idea and I love trenjust looking to bulk up any advice is taken with appreciation

Have you ran dbol a lot before? I get good results from 30 mgs ed. I would think that there are some diminishing returns after a certain amount and all you are doing is stressing your liver. I am pretty green but I have ran dbol 3 separate times before and 30 mgs is all I really need. Even on that low dose I blow up.

Pretty short half life so you could always start lower and see how you feel and work up. I would also consider running some adex with it. I am on a test dbol cycle right now and this is the first time I have ran adex with it and it really keeps the bloat down. You may react differently then me but if I take on a lot of water I don’t have much energy and it kills my apatite. Like I said I am a newbie but that is my 2 cents.

Depends on who you are I pretty much always run 2 nor 19s together almost year around. I pretty much alternate between high test/ High Deca/ Low Tren then High Test/ Low Deca/ High Tren. Has worked pretty nice for me so far.

I will probably add in the deca then at 600 mgs a week and sorry about the dbol post its 50 mgs that was my bad also have 3 bottles of npp and 3 bottles of primo and winny would you try to add those in or hold onto them as I am new to those compounds I have 6 ccs of tren e and 6 bottles of tren a and 6 bottles of deca and 8 bottles of sust so dosage isnt a problem if you think I should go higher

The N.P.P fucked me hard with sex sides… run prami or caber 100%… i would advise strongly not to run tren and a 19- nor together or back to back… Just recovered now, 16 weeks later