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Upcoming Cycle


Going to run another cycle in March. I'm 6'1 212 bf% 18-23 and i am 41. My days of being superman are done. i have trenabol 100mg, deca 250mg, T400, test cyp 200mg, test prop 200mg, and test e 200mg.

With these compounds in abundance what mix would make the most potent stack for a 10 week or shorter cycle?

I am training with and around a chronic muscle condition.

Thanks in advance.


Way too vague a question man

Do you have recovery issues or any other reason to prefer shorter versus longer cycles?

What did you use your first cycle and how'd it go?


No issues just came off a long cycle, (at least for me 13 weeks). No sides or anything. I am on 200 mg test a week for life. I have run a number of cycles. Dbol 50 mg for 4 weeks, with Test 200 mg pinning twice a week, and Deca 250 mg once a week, I would say going back through my records this is my staple cycle. On occasion I will bump up over 1000mg a week once in the middle of a cycle.

My concern is I'm not doing any PCT . At the very least I cycle off the same amount of time as I cycle on, except for my replacement therapy dose.
I only have my blood work done twice a year. I can't run PCT because it's not affordable. (Working on that)

One of the many reasons I went with the Tren is no or very low estrogen.

So given the above information what kind of stack would users here put together?


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Why would you think you need PCT if you are on 200mg a week for life? I presume from a doctor...

If you are on TRT then you are not going to recover, so PCT is a waste. Just cruise and blast.


I have a chronic muscle condition. (Myofascial Pain)

The PCT would be for trying to block any estrogen that is fighting to bind to the androgen receptors. The more i can keep my estrogen low the more benefit I can get out of my cycles.


Do you have any idea of what PCT is? Have you heard of AIs?




Sorry for my short previous response.

You do not need "PCT" since you are crusing at a (rather high) TRT dose in between cycles. PCT is meant to restore natural test production if not crusing. You should be on an AI, such as Arimidex, to control estrogen both on and off cycle. Blood testing is the only way to know for sure if your AI dose is correct. Read the stickies in the T-replacement forum for more information.