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Upcoming Cycle Review


May ill be starting my second cycle of AAS. The first cycle being a typical test/dbol in which i put on 20lbs and kept 15 of it. Needless to say i was very pleased with the results. Im currently walking around at 215 lbs and wanna add some more mass ( im about 6ft tall) in this upcoming summer. The cycle ive planned out looks as follows:
HCG 250iu x2 per week
1-14 EQ 400mg (frontloaded 800mg)
1-15 Test E 500mg (frontloaded 1000mg)
1-4 Dbol 50mg & 16-17 as well
Adex as needed either .25 or .5 just dont wanna limit my gains in any way

Clomid 100 100 50
Nolva 40 20 20 20

Some questions that concern me however that concern me are the ammount of oil especially in the first week.
Im looking at 8cc's split into 2 dosages and was planning on hitting quads. For my first cycle i used delts only with no problems but i realize they just cant handle that much volume. Can i get away with 4cc's in a quad? I've heard its fine for other areas (ventroglute) but ive been looking up diagrams and such and cant figure out exactly where to inject. Also any pointers or adjustments to the cycle would be appreciated.


If I had to inject 8cc of oil in a week I would inject 2ml into each glute. Thats 4cc down, 4 more to go LOL...

Then 1ml into each quad (via back filled slin pin), 6cc down, 2 more to go... then with the last 2ml I would hit each delt, again with a back filled slin pin. 8cc all administered.

If you haven't used quads before you may experience some slight excruciating pain if you're anything like me, which is why I recommended using a slin pin, to minimize the risk of pain (this works for me anyway), take a hot shower first to relax yourself and remember to go high in the quad.
delts with slin pins is easy and pinning the glutes whilst sitting on the toilet seems to help people avoid hitting the lymph nodes.

I'm not saying the quads CANNOT handle 4cc, but I would say a 4CC injection for someone with 'virgin' quads is really asking for pain, IMO. New muscles seem to take time to adjust, I've done 1ml quad injections with blue needles that left me in so much pain it was untrue (pharm grade primo and I couldn't train for a week), a couple months later a shot in the same place and ten minutes later I'd forgotten that I'd done the shot.

Good luck...


Also, if my interpretation is correct, and you are running nolva and clomid concurrently for PCT I think that is a good idea and have done it before, only without HCG.

It would be interesting of you bumped this thread and kept a log of your cycle (BW and strength gains) up to completion of PCT, too, but your choice of course LOL.


I second this idea. Almost identical to my proposed second cycle.


I remember hearing about using slin pins! Was a little worried though i wouldnt be going deep enough -_-. Instead i got 25g 5/8 needles that i will be using on both shoulders and quads. Really hoping not to develop scar tissue though. Also what happens if you dont go deep enough? just curious will ur body eventually absorb it or is it just a waste of an injection?


You could also start the EQ a week before the test.

Instead of dealing with all of those injections in one week.

Just a thought.

I would not recommend putting more than 2ml in a site unless you have experience with it. Obviously theres a problem with circular logic but whatever. I dont prefer more than 1ml in a site, primarily because I think slin pins are best to use and the short length of the pin... etc., but to each their own.


Do you backload the slin pins or draw it up and inject it with the same pin?


I can't answer for Bonez but I'm positive he backfills (I'm sure he written that's what he does), thats what most people (including me) do.


Yeah backfilling is awesome. Plus alot of 'users' are anal-retentive planners, so I like to backfill + date + label all my shots weeks in advance.

Certainly makes using short esters or suspension much easier.