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Hey everyone, I saw a thread like this over in the powerlifting forum, so I thought we could start one here. I know it is a not as busy as it is over there, but it would be nice to know what people have coming up and what they are training for.

Personally, I have Maryland’s Strongest Man on November 7th, where I am hoping to hold onto the title for the 231 class.

Here is a link to the competition’s events: colosseumstrong.webs.com/maryland-s-strongest-man

Anyone else have anything on the horizon?

I’m preparing for USS New York’s Strongest Man: http://media.wix.com/ugd/0bb576_e44c76d7ec604635afa167afe4593965.pdf

I’m going to compete at 198. As I’m still around 219 in the morning, I’m using this to motivate finally doing the weight cut that I have needed to do for a while. My max deadlift is weak, so I’m hoping to PR on that. Also never tried a 300lb stone, so I hope I can get access to practice before then.

I won Maryland’s Strongest Man for the 231 Weight Class Yesterday. Please like and subscribe to the video, it would help me tremendously…

Great stuff Alpha. Not at all shocking, but still amazing. I liked your hand placement on the car squat. Seemed like a good job taking advantage of the apparatus.

I’ve qualified for USS Nationals, so I’m focusing on that from here out. I won’t exclusively train its events yet, but that’s my focus. It should be awesome.

[quote]T3hPwnisher wrote:
Great stuff Alpha. Not at all shocking, but still amazing. I liked your hand placement on the car squat. Seemed like a good job taking advantage of the apparatus.[/quote]

Thanks punisher, I hope you are healing up quickly!

For anyone interested, i posted my event write-up and thoughts over on my site in the articles section. Feel free to give it a read if you are instructed in such things.

Awesome job. You murdered all of those events and made them look easy.

Thanks brother, they definitely didn’t feel easy hahaha

Adaptive Strongman For Lower Leg Amputees and a Seated Class for Wheelchairs

The Facebook Page

Entry Form


If anyone knows of anyone who is interested please give them this link. Only had Four in the seated division last year and would like some more people to join in. If anyone has any questions just ask and I’ll do my best to answer them.

This is my next comp: Kumite Classic PLAT PLUS 2016

A pro card is up for grabs for whomever wins the 231 class. There are going to be some absolute monsters there…

Alpha, that looks like an awesome show. Hope it goes well.

I’m down to under two weeks to the competition I linked above. I’m still in the process of making weight, but I am down to about 207 in the morning if I get a good poop in. I expect I can lose another pound or so of real weight before the comp and will need to pee/sweat out about a gallon to get the rest of the way to 198. I did water loading once before and it was really only good for about 4lbs for me. I’ll do it again, but I am anticipating spending some time in the hot tub or sauna. Any thoughts on how long it takes to lose 5lbs or so in the sauna.

Silyak: That looks like a great comp man. I’ve heard only good things about the USS. I want to do one of their shows in the future.

Man, if you have 2 weeks, you can drop a decent amount of weight in that time. For me, cutting out ALL starchy carbs (Bread, rice, sugar, pasta, etc) depletes my glycogen enough that i can drop probably another 5 pounds in those last 2 weeks. I usually start my cut around 5 weeks out because cutting slower is healthier and seems to help me keep my strength. One thing I will say though, is once I cut out all of the carbs (other than vegetables) I need to up my healthy fats a good bit if I want my strength to hang around.

About 7 Days out i will switch to nothing but distilled water and begin the water gorge. I have to play with my sodium a good bit and at first I actually gain weight because of all the water. (Which always stresses me out - but I’ve learned to trust the process)…Then as I slowly decrease my water throughout the week, it will have me down another 3-5 lbs. Where my weight is the day or two before really decides when my last water and solid intake will be, but usually I cut all intake the night before weigh-ins.

If I need to, I will jump in a hot tub, sauna or even bundle up, throw on a weight vest and will walk on an inclined treadmill. But usually, i don’t have to. Out of the three options, i think a Hot tub works the best because the water is pulled out of you. How much you can actually lose in the hot tub or sauna will depend greatly on how dry you already are. If you are not still sweating easily then you may be in there for a while. But if you have the water to lose, you are bundled up (trash bags or a sauna suit will help) then you can lose 5lbs pretty quickly. Results are going to be different from person to person but I know I lose about 3lbs per 35-40 minutes when i do it. A lot will depend on how much distilled water you have forced into your body the previous week and how depleted your glycogen stores are.

As a disclimer, I am not a doctor. Cutting weight in this fashion is dangerous…That said, if you are going to do it either way, I can tell you what has worked for me in the past.

Hey guys! I’m gonna be competing in a competition the last weekend in February: https://strongmancorporation.com/event/oklahoma-oklahoma-city-strongest-manwoman-level-1/

This will be my 2nd competition, and I feel significantly more prepared for it. Additionally, I’ll be training with the implements being used in the competition for the next 5 weeks every Sunday. Last time I did U175. This will be U200 weight class. I feel quite strong in 3 of the events, and will be hammering the other 2 until showtime.