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Upcoming Bulker Cycle

Background: Currently I stand at 6ft, 215 lbs, about 9% bf, 21 years old.

WK 1-10 Test C 650mg (2 injections of 325 a week)
WK 1-10 NPP 66mg EOD
WK 1-4 anadrol 50 mg ED

Will be using adex .25 mg EOD. Im thinking this should be started around week 4 when the test starts to kick in.

For pct I am planning a test taper along with nolvadex.

Would you guys recommend using HCG and/or letro along with this cycle? If so what dose would you say?

Thank you for your time, I still have time to make alterations to this cycle.

I use letro, but not with adex… it is one or the other. Either is fine IMO and i hear letro is over kill. I use it because at less than the price and with a dose of (2.5mg recommended) 0.5mg ED it is really cost efficient.

You’ll be fine with the Adex… I dont think most others here will recommend HCG… but i have used and liked it in the past.


thanks for your insight. No criticisms on the actual cycle?

It is suggested that a nandrolone should be discontinued at least 2 weeks before the test, but seeing as that is NPP i would have thought that would be ok actually… i am sure a more experienced vet can help me out here…

600mg of test and 200mg of NPP is a decent stack, a lower dose than you often see here (even generally, esp. the NPP) but you should get some fantastic gains especially with the kick you have planned…

You WILL need the adex during the first 4 weeks IMO - A-50 is highly likely to cause an itch under the nips…

PLUS why test taper AND use nolvadex?
Wouldnt you do a stasis then nolvadex, or just do a stasis then a taper…?

Just out of interest, why have you opted for the dosages you have? Why not 200 or 250mg increments of Cyp, and 50 or 100mg increments of NPP?

Other that that. It is perfect!! lol!


just so u guys know, the original poster is my friend and he is on a taper right now after a 12 week cycle of d-bol and test. so altogether this cycle will be over 30 weeks and its his first cycle, and hes only 21 years old.

and i’m actually doing the same thing, but i’m 24 and i’m doing eq instead of npp and d-bol instead of anadrol because i’m not into abusers

hence the burrito names?? well thats not a very smart move especially for a first. BUT make sure he researches an extended STASIS/taper to come off of the whole thing

word. i understand it, 6 weeks at 100 then down 20mgs each week. do you have good success with that game over? i’ve looked into it but i get conflicting info on the issue of even a little test keeping you shut down