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Upcoming Bodybuilding Routine Feedback Wanted

My last two routines were Westside and a full-body Waterbury-style routine with a lot of olympic lifts. So I feel like I’ve “earned” a more vain routine with a lot of direct arm work and more upper vs. lower body emphasis.

I wanted to try out some new things from the website too, and there were a couple great articles I liked recently.

For arms, I liked this one: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/massive_force_highvolume_workouts_for_highpowered_arms_1
and for upper back:

I can’t exactly follow the structure in the Arms page for the split because with my schedule I have to work out on certain days of the week.

So here is the general structure I’m thinking:
MONDAY: Upper Body 1
Clean 6x3
Bench Press–undulate between varying grip and regular grip and heavy load. 5x5 or 5x10
Thib’s Back program
Throw standing Cable Flyes (4x10) in there


THURSDAY: Upper Body 2
A1: Military Press 5x5
A2: Pullups Undulate between varying grip, and using weighted and going for volume 5 sets
B1: Dumbbell Bench Press 5x8
B2: Trap-Bar Row 5x8
C: Lateral Raises 5x8

FRIDAY: Lower Body
Deadlifts 5x5
Front Squats 5x5
Lunges up and down walkway x2
Bar Lunches x2


I feel like there’s something wrong with the Sunday through Tuesday sequence or Arms upper body and arms. Not sure how else to do it though. I feel like I want to keep Upper Body day 2 away from the arms days

I’m bulking (obviously). Plan to supplement with creatine, the receptor max thing and beta-alanine.
I’m young and I feel like my recovery capacity’s alright, so I don’t think this will be overtraining.

One issue is that the Arms routine has a lot of supersets. It could be a problem to hog up 3 stations at the gym, especially if it’s crowded.

I think that split looks awful. Probably too much volume for the upper body, Thib’s program is meant to be the priority of it’s own day.

From info given, i’d go maybe more like this:

Squat, lunges, calfs, abs

bench, arms 2

deads, cleans, shrugs, grip work,

Arms 1

thib’s back program

The Arms days definitely seemed to be for its own day. Thib’s program seemed relatively light in volume to me, honestly.

I was thinking to put Arms on sunday because that’s a less crowded day at the gym. Also tues, as I go around lunch-time. I go in the evenings on mon and thurs usually and those times are crowded, so I feel like I’ll have more trouble doing the massive supersets.

Maybe it’s unrealistic to do both two days a week of arms and two days a week of upper back? Perhaps focus on arms for now and do something like:



Front Squats

Upper Back and Shoulders


What does that routine have to do with bodybuilding? Ask in strength sports for that kind of thing. (no offense meant)

Edit: besides, if you’ve never really trained your arms properly and consistently before… Why would you want to jump right into a specialization routine?

How is it not bodybuilding?

I have trained my arms directly before. I generally alternate between Westside, full-body olympic lifts+Waterbury, and a bodybuilding routine, where I do at least a whole day of direct arm work.


I’m starting the routine this Thursday, could use more suggestions

Since it seems your able to workout 5 days a week, try this basic setup:

Monday: horizontal push/pull
Tuesday: Quads + Abs + Claves
Thursday:Vertical push/pull
Friday: Arms
Sunday: Hamstrings + Abs + Calves

Just a suggestion :wink:

I want to do Arms 2 x a week per that program that I linked to.

In my honest opinion, you dont need to work arms directly 2x a week. You know, you have to also consider “indirect” work also. With your program setup (or mine for that matter), your hitting arms 3x a week (2x indirectly and once directly). Seems like your asking for elbow trouble. And hey, Im all for giving arms there own day (as it has proven successful), but really now…you dont need more than that.

Besides, your program seems complicated, “franken-like” and more geared towards strength. With all the undulating this, Thib that, and some of the olympic lifts, this program doesn’t seem all that geared towards bodybuilding. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but power based movements like cleans and other variations of olympic movements are NOT good muscle builders. They’re just not.

Look Blade, this is not an attack on you, but I just don’t think its all that bodybuilding appropriate. I mean come on, you only work your lower body once. The rest of the time your working your upper body.

Hmm. I was thinking about this. I think there’s a time and a place to work arms out twice a week, but for now it’d probably be better to do take it easy with too much volume for the arms as it has been a while since I wasn’t doing a more strength-oriented routine.

As for working on my upper body more, isn’t that more bodybuilding? Honestly my last two routines had about the same (Westside) and probably even more lower than upper body (Olympics Lifts full body)

I thought Cleans were great Trap builders? I just finished an olympic lifting-heavy program, and just last night the first thing this chick I hadn’t seen for a couple months says after I took off my shirt was that my traps got a lot bigger.
And isn’t Thib’s main thing bodybuilding now?

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this:
Cleans ?
A Front Squats undulate between 5x5 and 5x10
B Shrugs 3x15
C Back Squat 1x20
D1 Calves - Smith Machine Calf Raises
D2 Abs - Standing Rope Crunches 5

A1 Bench Press, undulate between varying grip and load. 5x4 or 10
A2 Pullups Undulate between varying grip, and using weighted and going for volume
B1 Incline BP 5x9 or 6
B2 Rows: undulate between varying grip and load
C1 Standing Cablecrossovers 5x10
C2 Rope Pulldown 5x12 3 regular sets. 2 stop at middle sets

A Deadlifts 5x5
BLunges 5x20
C1 Abs Winshield wipers 5s
C2 Calves calf machine 5s
D1 Abs rolling x5
D2 Calves Leg Press 5s

Thib’s Upper Back
Dips 3x6
Close grip bench 3x8
Skullcrushers 3x10
Lying DB tricep ext 3x12
Pushdowns 2 x cluster/drop sets

SUNDAY: Shoulders and Biceps
A1 Military Press 5x5
A2 Barbell Curl 5x5
B1 Seated DB Press 3x8
B2 Concentration Curl 3x8
C1 Lateral Raises 5x10
C2 Incline Curl 5x10
D1 Scarecrows 5x10
D2 Reverse Preacher Curl 5x10

Its funny seing Thibs upper back included in your exercise selection. I know it not an exercise, just a well rounded back program, but it makes it look like an actual exercise :wink:

Your new program looks more well rounded. Hitting arms hard, but not too hard, and hitting legs twice a week.

Give it a go, always improve. Never stop.

I did Thurs and Fri so far.

Fri was fine. Thursday in the middle of the workout I realized I forgot about hams! So I added 3 sets of one-legged leg curls. Probably will bump it up to 6 and move lunges to squat day.

Also lose too much strength on the windshield wipers, will bump it down to 3 sets. This time the workout went way long and didn’t end up doing the 2nd calf/ab superset, but with these adjustments should be able to do that.

Thinking to add forearm work somewhere, too, but where? I do rock-climb twice a week, so preferably not Fri or Tue (I climb on Sat and Wed)