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Upcoming Blood Test

I finally found a doctor that seems to know their stuff. I was very surprised she had the knowledge she did. She’s actually put in the time to understand low T. She’s wanting to test my TT, FT and E2. She said she would like my levels of T to be around 700 or so. She didn’t seem stuck on that number. She really asked a lot of questions about how I felt and quality of life. This is such a relief from what I’ve received from others. she is wanting me to come in and have these tests done around the 5 day mark of my injection. I am currently in 200 cyp per week broken down into two shots. So 100 twice a week. My question is number 1 what can I expect my T levels to be at? Wasn’t sure if there was a rough estimate. My levels were in the low 300s when I started in January. Number 2 I am wanting to talk to her about arimedex and hcg. She talked about E2 and understood its negative effects on men but hcg didn’t come up. I’ve problems with conversion before. I got gyno years ago and it aches a little sometimes after shots. My twin brother also has real prob with E2. His levels were extremely high. Also I do have that dull ache in my testicles. Not all the time but quite often. Plus they have gotten smaller. My 2nd question is literature I could take her on arimedex and hcg. She seemed very interested in reading and listening to me. I know this is a lot in one post but I have all these quesions and don’t know anyone I can ask any of this. This forum has already been an immense help. Thanks in advance.

If you are taking 200mg of t cyp without an AI, expect your E2 level to be sky high.

I figured it would be. I live in a small town and nobody seems to understand this totally. I’ve been to a specialist and his advice was to suck it up. That I was fine. Didn’t listen to anything I had to say. I’m hoping i can talk her into something to help with aromatizing but I know having some type of material she can read will help convince her.

You said she knows her stuff, but her prescribing habit says otherwise. If she knew her stuff, she’d know that A) 200mg of T cyp/week is a pretty high dose and B) that high E2 which is inevitable, will have profound implications for you.

She’s not the one who put me on it. That’s why she’s got me doing all this blood work. I think she’s trying to figure out what I need vs what I’ve been given.

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The most important thing is to find a doctor who will listen to your symptoms and act. You’ve found that doc, there are “specialists” who don’t see the use for AI and hand 200mg/week, this is not the bad part, then they tell the patient to suck it up or claim that they don’t know what could the problem be! So in that regards, a doc who is upto date and wants to help, half your job is done. The other half is to educate yourself so that you can guide your doc and yourself to have real benefit of TRT.

Thanks a lot for the reply. My last doc was nice but just wanted to up doses without really checking anything. I worried about E2 conversion bc I know there are some nasty side effects but I just didn’t know enough to ask. Reading some of the stickies and posts on here has helped me a lot.

Start with 100-120mg a week, 1mg a week anastrozole and hCG. You can adjust with this protocol after follow up.

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